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With MeetBit, You'll Never Miss A Meeting

With MeetBit, You'll Never Miss A Meeting

Lance Villacin

CEO and Co-Founder
Margaux Zurbano

The process of manually scheduling meetings and bookings is time-consuming and involves a plethora of back-and-forths. From asking the customer, and team’s availability, to sending over meeting links, this process proves to be inefficient. With MeetBit, give this process the improvement it deserves! Never miss a meeting with MeetBit!


MeetBit is an automated scheduling platform that let’s businesses meet with their clients at the client’s convenience. It integrates with CRMs, existing processes and businesses’ calendars to allow their clients to pick an appointment . With this, why don’t you join me in learning more about MeetBit with its Co-Founder and CEO, Lance Villacin.


What inspired you to establish your own startup?


I think what partly inspired me was because my brothers also founded their own companies. All of us are into technology and are very interested in the field of technology. I was also partly inspired by my own endeavors. Ever since I was a child, I was always inspired to work in the field of technology in general. I think before, or even today, the general mindset would be to work for a while then start a business. I’ve always known that I wanted to start my own tech company at some point in the future. That has always been my personal goal. I’m happy to say that I was able to achieve this earlier than planned. 


What is MeetBit and what problems does it address?


MeetBit is an automated scheduling platform for enterprises. We are looking at different types of businesses. Generally speaking, some of them have client processes wherein they need to meet their clients. For instance, in banking, they would have to meet with their clients for account openings, loans, and KYC, real estate on the other hand have property viewings. MeetBit automates the entire process of meeting with clients. It makes it convenient for businesses and customers alike to schedule meetings.


What are the milestones that MeetBit has accomplished?


MeetBit has been through a couple of milestones since its founding in 2021. The biggest milestone we achieved when MeetBit first started was winning the Drapper startup house competition. This enabled us to go to the Drapper University online course. Here, we learned a lot about how to properly and effectively run a startup. The next big thing would be raising our pre-seed round back in December 2021. Most recently, we made a huge pivot toward enterprises. This is a big milestone for a young startup like us.


What are the next steps for MeetBit in the future?

Our main focus right now is on growth and having more companies onboard. We also want to provide more services to more companies. The main focus right now is on sales and growth. We also plan to raise a seed round some time next year.


What was your journey like as a student founder? And what advice do you have for other aspiring student founders?


I think the journey as a student founder is not clear-cut. It’s about figuring things out as one goes on their journey, buying more time to figure out the next step. MeetBit actually started out as a chatbot. After which, we started switching to meeting links focusing on sales and recruitment teams. Now, we’re focusing on enterprises and client processes that big companies have. As a young founder, there’s a lot I didn’t and don’t know about. If one starts a company later in their career, not only would they have a better network, but they would also have a lot of experience and knowledge on the industries they’re working in. As a student founder, that’s not something one has. It’s up to them to figure things out as they go. It’s about trying things out. Things are going to fail 90% of the time, all one has to do is to go back, make some adjustments, and keep going.


In terms of advice, I think the most important thing about being a student founder is to start and commit. Once someone gets started, they will encounter a lot of challenges. All they have to do is to commit to their idea and the passion for the startup that they have. That should keep one going through their journey. You never know if your idea is going to work out unless you start on it. At the same time, if one doesn’t commit to being in a startup, they’re not going to  make anything work out.



Lance Villacin is the Co-Founder and CEO of MeetBit, a company that offers an automated scheduling software for businesses. Its main objective is to transform inefficient scheduling processes into efficient ones. As a young startup founder, Lance is committed to learning and experiencing more valuable things to further improve MeetBit’s services. Ultimately, Lance’s goal is to grow MeetBit, onboard more companies, and provide its users with the best automated scheduling platform — so that they’ll never have to miss a meeting ever again. 

Visit if you would like to know and connect more with MeetBit. 






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