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Business conference from the audience's view


TechShake is the largest promoter of innovation and collaboration through our many events where we gather attendees from around the world, online and offline.

IGNITE is the Philippine's biggest premier international innovation conference by TechShake, dentsu X, and Brainsparks to support and connect the vibrant and flourishing startup ecosystem in the Philippines to the world.

Pitch Competitions

Our online pitch sessions enables startups to pitch to a wider set of investors from around the world. We work with different investment groups and corporations to organize these online pitch sessions. The sourcing of startups is part of our role as well.

Startup World Cup

Monthly Events

Our monthly events bring the community together where we bring in experts to discuss anything and everything about startups.

Investor Essentials
TechShake’s Investor Essentials Workshop is a monthly online event where you can gather significant startup investing knowledge, expand your network locally and internationally, and apply your newly acquired skills by being engaging with top-notch startups.
Startup Playbook
The Startup Playbook is Techshake’s monthly event where we give Startups the training they need in order to succeed. Learn from world-class mentors and successful founders to give your startup that edge.
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Are you a startup, investor or corporation? Or do you just enjoy talking about startups? There are many ways that you can work with TechShake.

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