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MedGrocer’s Mission to Make Medicine Accessible Through An Online Pharmacy

MedGrocer’s Mission to Make Medicine Accessible Through An Online Pharmacy

Jerome Uy

Robert Vergara

MedGrocer: Jerome Uy’s Mission to Make Medicine Accessible Through An Online Pharmacy

By Robert Vergara

Having immediate access to medicine could mean more than convenience for some people. In fact, for those who need it most, accessibility is simply a necessity.  MedGrocer CEO Jerome Uy recognized that there is a need and an opportunity to provide a service that brings medication right to the doorsteps of customers. He created MedGrocer, an online pharmacy platform that integrates everything from services to goods. 

Innovating local healthtech 


After completing his MBA from Harvard Business School, Jerome entered into different industries - food and tech - to see what impact he can make through entrepreneurship. While working on his projects though, he realized that healthcare was the industry he truly wanted to focus on. So, after his two successful ventures with Xurpas International and Adobo Connection, Jerome founded MedGrocer. 

“The sad thing about the Philippines that sets us apart from all other countries is that our health insurance covers surgeries and expensive diagnostics, but not the maintenance meds - the pills that prevent people from having to undergo expensive surgeries and doctor appointments in the first place,” Jerome said. Through MedGrocer, he wants to solve that problem and create social impact. 

Packaged medication ready for delivery via MedGrocer’s services


MedGrocer uses technology to deliver medicines and value-added health services to patients and companies. Its online pharmacy, corporate health services, and disease management programs enable users to get their medicines conveniently, cost-effectively, and intelligently. It is a member of Ayala Healthcare Holdings. 

MedGrocer serves over 200,000 customers directly and through partnerships with the Philippines' leading health insurers, drug manufacturers, and companies. Their platform provides "Medicine-as-a-Service" for companies integrating on-site clinics, virtualized supply chains, and chronic disease management programs. Apart from that, MedGrocer offers Online Patient Care Platforms that deliver meds and value-added services such as telemedicine.

MedGrocer stocks up on any medication customers might need


To maximize their impact, MedGrocer also works closely with companies and the government, utilizing analytics to optimize medicine costs, identify disease trends, and deploy innovative solutions (e.g. mental health management, medicine insurance)

Impact of convenience


Behind the scenes, MedGrocer is led by a young team of professionals in their mid-20s, who are driven to make an impact in the healthtech scene. With currently 60 members on the team and earning approximately US$1M in quarterly revenue, MedGrocer has been profitable and growing rapidly. 

At the end of it all, MedGrocer hopes that through their services, they help eliminate inefficient infrastructure and processes of traditional drugstores. They want to help consumers save time, money, and effort.


To learn more about MedGrocer, visit their website here.

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