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Founder Spotlight: Tina Vitas of Easy

Founder Spotlight: Tina Vitas of Easy

Tina Vitas

Michaela Villaroman

Founder Spotlight: Tina Vitas of Easy

By Michaela Villaroman


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important. It enables people to seize every day as the best version of themselves and gives them the opportunity to function in their prime. Good health is ultimately the key to happiness and wellness.


That being said, people’s concern for their health is sometimes forced to take a backseat in order to focus first on other endeavors. Hectic schedules, crazy deadlines and massive amounts of workload are common culprits that hinder some to pursue a holistic lifestyle.

Today, the fast-paced world gives people little opportunity to spend more time and thought into investing in the maintenance of their health. It is no surprise that bad, unhealthy habits are so easily formed and even harder to break. Lack of easy access to healthy remedies also contribute to the problem. People may have the desire to change their lifestyle, but are refrained from doing so simply because they don’t have what they need. All these factors contribute to the neglect of well-being.


Fortunately, it is never too late to transform one’s lifestyle. Natural remedies and healthier alternatives are becoming more popular and sought after. And as a result of the increase in demands for these better options, it is also becoming easier to access and attain the products. Easy Cures provides that very platform to its customers. With its promise of ease and simplicity, Easy Cures brings people one step closer to their journey to health and wellness.



A rewarding journey



Tina Vitas, the founder of Easy Cures, recognized the importance of holistic living after going through a great lifestyle transformation herself.


After graduating from Boston University, Tina worked in Los Angeles for some time. She then moved to New York, where she had a prosperous career as a portfolio manager. When she eventually returned to Manila, she dabbled in many businesses and tried out other professions before realizing her true passion as a health advocate and enthusiast.


The many years she spent abroad earned her success in her field, but ultimately led her to live an unhealthy lifestyle. It was when she came back to the Philippines that she decided to make a change. As a professional with a booming career, she knew that caring and maintaining her health should be her number one priority. To continue living her life to the fullest, she worked at getting back into shape. This marked the beginning of her journey to a holistic lifestyle.


The process proved to be slow but steady. Breaking bad habits and opting for a new lifestyle is not a simple task after all. Luckily, thanks to her strong drive for change, she was constantly motivated to keep pushing forward.


And so she did.


Tina poured in her time and effort to accomplish a massive lifestyle transformation. She began opting for natural products and healthier substitutes, which proved to be crucial elements that helped her journey. Natural solutions provided an efficient alternative to most medicines, which were oftentimes ineffective and riddled with side effects. Switching to those products showed her incredible results. Eventually, Tina and her entire family fully embraced the use of healthy alternatives. Her mother began selling the products they trusted to friends and acquaintances. To no surprise, it reeled in a big following. Tina realized that the merchandise should be accessible to an even larger audience. She wanted other people to know and experience the benefits and amazing effects of holistic living. This began her advocacy.



An advocacy, a hobby and a business



“What joy it is to be free!” Tina remarked about her successful transformation. The freedom from baggages that used to weigh her down now fuels her passion to run Easy Cures and help other people towards a better and healthier way of living.


Tina explained that Easy Cures is 1/3 advocacy, 1/3 hobby, and 1/3 business. In its core, the online store is a passion project that was conceptualized out of genuine care and desire to spread the word about holistic living. Tina’s agenda has always been to create a way to promote the healthy lifestyle. She wanted to make information about health easily accessible and to make natural products easily attainable. With that in mind, she crafted Easy Cures.


Now, starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle could not get any easier. Easy Cures promotes natural remedies and healthy alternatives that have worked for Tina and her family throughout the years. She has faith that the quality of the products would yield the same effective results for her customers, as it did with her family. Since the items on the site are selected based on authentic, firsthand experiences with the products itself, there is no doubt that it will deliver satisfactorily. Tina is trusts that the quality of the products will help her to establish a strong, credible reputation among her customers.


For Tina, health is truly the most precious gift. Taking care of oneself ensures that wellness and happiness will follow. With that in mind, Tina believes that Easy Cures will provide people a chance to attain the health, wellness, and happiness they deserve.


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