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Founder Spotlight: Ki Chong Tran of ARC Hub PNH

Founder Spotlight: Ki Chong Tran of ARC Hub PNH

Ki Chong Tran

Arc Hub PNH
Michaela Villaroman

Founder Spotlight: Ki Chong Tran of ARC Hub PNH

ARC Hub PNH: Scaling Capabilities

By Michaela Villaroman

With a lot of untapped potential, Cambodia simply beckons for its resources to be utilized and for its possibilities to be explored. The nation has a long way to go in terms of growth and development but it is well on its way.
Looking closer, it is apparent that one of the major hindrances preventing the country from moving forward is its manufacturing industry. Cambodia has relied heavily on importing goods and materials when it is capable of manufacturing its own. Indeed, the country calls for more efforts in planning and research to maximize the capability of what their industry has to offer.
Modern-day technology opens new doors and gives fresh ideas for innovation. It is also through the advancement of technology that Cambodia may be able to solve its industrial problems. 3D printing offers to aid the country’s dilemma. Adopting this kind of technology could mean the difference between a nation merely trying to keep up with the dynamic times and a nation leading the future of innovation. 

Where to look

To maximize potential, one must first know where to look. Luckily, brothers Ki Chong and Ki How Tran have keen eyes, and the right amount of passion to make everything come together.
The brothers were born and raised in Los Angeles by their Cambodian-Chinese parents. They lived in the US for many years as their parents wanted to make sure they finished their education there.
After graduating, Ki Chong worked for nearly 3 years in an aerospace industry for 2 companies. It was through his job that he learned about 3D printing. Fascinated by the potential it entails, Ki Chong planned to bring 3D printing to Cambodia in the hopes that it will be the game-changer the country needs. “I wanted to be there when 3D printing takes off,” Ki Chong says. “Cambodia is usually the last to get new technology, so what if we try to give it to them first and see what happens.”
The next step was getting his brother, Ki How, on board with the plan. Originally, Ki How went to Cambodia in 2012 to visit their parents and do some volunteer work. He ended up growing fond of the country and found himself embracing their lifestyle. Ki Chong’s plan to bring 3D printing to their homeland sparked Ki How’s interest. They both saw the need for 3D printing. The brothers believed that their business venture would become a great tool for the nation’s development, ensuring both their success as entrepreneurs and the general welfare of the country.
Convinced that progress will surely speed up if they took the 3D printing technology to Cambodia, Ki Chong and Ki How Tran launched ARC Hub PNH.
An innovative venture
ARC Hub PNH offers to cater a new and easy way of manufacturing. As said in their website, they “provide 3D Design and Printing services that operate like miniature factories, allowing anyone to come up with a product idea and make or prototype it in rapid time, at incredibly low cost.” ARC Hub PNH also sells 3D printers and parts to their customers. They intend for local creators to have more accessibility and convenience in production by making their printers available for purchase.
“We want to make it easy for people to manufacture here so they don’t have to keep importing; we want people to make things locally. It is also better for the environment,” says Ki Chong. “After that, we want to show that if it could work in Cambodia, then it could work in other countries.” Should the country choose to adopt and embrace 3D printing, it may eventually become one of the world’s main pioneers in modernization. The social impact ARC Hub PNH hopes to impart truly does not just end and solely affect Cambodia’s economy and society.
With a vision to leave a great footprint in the industry, ARC Hub PNH embarks on an innovative venture. The brothers’ passion reaches beyond helping a sole nation reach its full potential. Their goal extends to contributing to the growth of other developing countries as well. They are convinced that adapting to the ever changing times requires an investment in technological advancement; the Tran brothers strongly believe that 3D printing is the next big thing.

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