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Founder Spotlight: Decluttering Homes with Nicholas "Nick" Padilla of

Founder Spotlight: Decluttering Homes with Nicholas "Nick" Padilla of

Nicholas Padilla

Co-founder, CEO & Space Captain
Jonas Lontoc

Founder Spotlight: Decluttering Homes with Nicholas "Nick" Padilla of

By Jonas Lontoc

According to research, the state of one’s home could be seen as a representation of one’s mind; a cluttered home could mean that other aspects of an individual’s lifestyle may also be erratic or in disarray. But while deciding to tidy up might seem simple, it’s sometimes difficult to start. Having to deal with piles upon piles of furniture and belongings around your home, tidying up might become a daunting task.

Luckily, comes to the rescue, offering the first on-demand storage solution in the Philippines. Through their platform, customers are granted people access to temporary storage places where they can put in their items while they get to work. Anyone looking to clean up, renovate, move houses, or simply find a space for their extra stuff need not look further. – Providing Opportunities of Space aims to give people a convenient and safe place to put their items during times they can’t accommodate all the stuff they have. Aside from the usual reasons like renovating or moving houses, some clients avail their services for much more dire reasons, “We have had other people whose stories aren’t so happy. One of our clients came to us after being evicted from their homes for the nth time. They didn’t want to get rid of their stuff over and over, so they came to us so we can store it for them while they address their living situation. I’m glad that, at least in some way, is able to help alleviate the problems of our customers.”’s team of Spacemakers

Whether it be companies or individuals looking for temporary space, ensures that their spaces are able to accommodate anyone. And they make sure that the process is simple. All customers have to do is order on the website, whether they would need something as small as a box or as big as room space, then they send over their Spacemakers and get the items stored securely within their facilities.

Thinking out of the box

What inspired Nick to come up with the concept of providing storage space in the Philippines are his visits to foreign countries. He realized that it was only a matter of time that businesses offering the service would catch on in the local scene. And considering that Filipinos are generally sentimental over their belongings - yearbooks, wedding dresses, photo albums, and more - he knew there would be a market for extra storage space. 

Apart from the idea he had, his decision to push through with the venture is a product of him taking inspiration from his father. Nick was encouraged to pursue entrepreneurship because he knew it would allow him to gain a better balance with his responsibilities as a dad himself. 

“My father used to ask me, ‘Would you want to be the kind of dad whose kid would have to ask his secretary what time he’s free or the kind of dad that can set his own meetings so that he can still get to see his kid every day after school?’” Nick shared his conversation with his father. Now with a child of his own, Nick’s interaction with his dad definitely struck a chord with him and had pushed him to pursue entrepreneurship.

To make the vision for happen, Nick and his business partners pooled together the skills they have acquired from working in corporations. For Nick, he especially utilized the skills for media and web design that he honed from his experience in digitizing Rockwell’s services. 

After successfully attaining customers and gaining traction, has continuously been able to fulfill their mission of helping Filipinos declutter, improving their lives along the way. 

To learn more about, you could check out their website here.  

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