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Founder Spotlight: Andoy Montiel of Cognitv
Artificial Intelligence

Founder Spotlight: Andoy Montiel of Cognitv

Andres Montiel

Claudine Ng

Founder Spotlight: Andoy Montiel of Cognitv

By Claudine Ng


        The business world is rising, and together with it, the number of startups is also increasing. Since there are more ventures out in the market, employers have difficulty in gathering data about the movement of their businesses and the performance of their employees. There is a demand for a product that allows founders and entrepreneurs to compensate for this gap, and because of this need, analytics startups are on the rise. Usually, they market products that provide sentiment analysis since there is a great interest for it, and its development has many practical applications. Public and private information is growing, and they are easily accessible on the Internet. With the help of sentiment analysis, this unorganized information could be transformed into organized data that people can use for commercial purposes.


Measure what you observe


          Andres “Andoy” Montiel met Joey Gurango when he was putting up a team of co-founders for a new venture he had in mind. He was looking for someone who has experience with analytics. As it turns out, Andoy was perfect for the job. He was not a new face in the startup scene. He used to work at an insurance firm run by someone he knew, then he worked for a consulting firm. He then worked for Globe and then for Lynx Analytics, a Singapore-based firm that serves telecommunication companies and financial institutions. His time with Lynx Analytics made him eligible to work with Joey Gurango.


          Cognitv is a software technology startup focused on providing products that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to produce analytics for growing businesses. They enable their clients to collect customer and employee demographics and sentiment data unobtrusively and automatically. Images captured from webcams, mobile devices, CCTV, and other sources are transmitted to their web service for processing. Demographic and sentiment data are extracted from images, which are securely published in the cloud. On the other hand, their clients’ weekly analytics are delivered to their emails. With easy and affordable pricing, Cognitv guarantees their clients an immeasurable service with efficient results.

The Master Tinker


       Andoy started tinkering with devices at a young age. Disassembling, learning the mechanics, and reassembling them were his favorite hobby. There was something captivating about it that piqued his young mind, and it made him pursue an undergraduate degree in Physics with a minor degree in Computer Engineering. But his fascination with human behavior and cognitive development, and along with the influence of his mother who is a psychology professor at Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU), prompted him to shift to AB Psychology. Since experiencing the best of both worlds where he was disassembling and reassembling things, whether it was a piece of technology or the functions of the human mind, he has found his calling.


The freedom of entrepreneurship


          His passion for constructing objects and ideas has been with him throughout his journey with his career as an entrepreneur. For Andoy, being an entrepreneur is synonymous with freedom. It allows him to create a product that is useful and impactful for a certain niche. Functionality and practicality are important in creating products, and as an entrepreneur, Andoy recognizes the significance of giving value to his creations. He knows that by committing himself to this advocacy, not only is he gaining profit but he is also doing an act of servitude.

For more information on Cognitv, you may visit their website here.

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