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Flexisource IT: Richard Gross’s Effectual Vision for Customer and Business Support

Flexisource IT: Richard Gross’s Effectual Vision for Customer and Business Support

Richard Gross

CEO and Founder
Asha Gutierrez

Flexisource IT: Richard Gross’s Effectual Vision for Customer and Business Support

By: Asha Gutierrez

An Entrepreneur of Profound Vision

Richard Gross is the CEO and Founder of Flexisource IT, born in New York and is currently based in Melbourne, Australia. He was formerly an investment funds manager, a stockbroker, and a manager of institutional sales. He developed specialized investment funding that covered the global financial corporate landscape for more than twenty years in the US, Geneva, Hong Kong, and Australia. From there, he demonstrated his expertise by creating an opportunity of building a bridge that improves both the quality of IT personnel and the large wage disparity by founding Flexisource. Through this, he ensured the efficiency of a simultaneous customer and business support which prioritizes better results while providing less risk than traditional outsourcing.

He has been involved with a lot of IT companies and startups. It has always been an area of interest for him, especially since many VCs are investing in startups in Australia. This is when he started brainstorming on creating a business service company with a possible opportunity of being an incubator in order to partner with startups and create products. He quit his former work and decided to turn his idea into reality in Southeast Asia where he felt he could be a part of creating an improvement in IT development and business.  He realized upon venturing in SEA that people say yes all the time. He wanted to tap into this potential, given that curiosity and maturity is developed through guidance. He values the quality of how people set forth goals while understanding what they’re trying to achieve.

The Benefits of Informational Ideas

Flexisource IT is a privately owned company that provides information, technology consultancy, and business services. The company aims to create effective progress through the success of its clients' businesses. They build up software development, desktop, and mobile applications, web design and development, and all IT-related functions catering to Australian-based clients from startups, SMEs, to top-tier companies. Flexisource was developed through his social skills and chemistry with startup people who are willing to collaborate with their strategy. “My idea really was to go to the Philippines to create that innovation since it is a good avenue to create that model from Australia. There’s a lot of excitement regarding startups in the Philippines right now," he said. He felt that he could be a part of creating something beneficial for the community. For Richard, it’s about finding the community that cultivates growth and improvement not only for the client but for all members as well.

Now they have a dedicated IT company in the Philippines that specializes in Agile development with particular expertise operating with Scrum or Kanban. They also improve their client’s mobile and web services, desktop application, technical and customer support, and even advanced IT processes. The company is managed by business experts who provide operations and project management, client and employee relations among others. Their services include: Software Development, Desktop Applications, Website Designing, Website Maintenance, Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, IOS/Android Development, Database Configuration & Management, Server Configuration & Management, Deployment Management, Quality Management, CRM Services, HR & Accounting Services, Customer Support Services, and 24/7 IT Support.

Technical Quality Service as Priority

"In Flexisource, we want to understand your business, we want to understand your roadmap, we want to understand where you’re going, and we want to understand the financial background in order to speak to the owners to discuss what they truly want to achieve,” Richard explains. They provide project managers for each client to organize and ensure that their company can run agile. “Our teams become their teams, just like an extension.”

For Richard, he understands the need of his clients to stay ahead and remain competitive in their respective industries. It’s about making their ideas succeed while treating their clients as an extended family. He deems his own success by being able to help others be successful in many fields. “Flexisource is still growing but we want to be an innovation lab for our clients. We’re already delivering their product and it grows faster because we actually know what they’re trying to achieve, while we adjust amongst other new-founded goals.” This is why he screens his employment with only the high caliber IT professionals who can perform with extensive skills in order to continuously enhance their services. “I really hope we can help the community, the way businesses should be built efficiently here in Manila,” Richard explains. It’s about organizing ideas, dreaming big, and planning productively. One needs to work with people with a good vision, strategic endeavor, and dream. His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, “Share your idea, don’t think that anyone is going to steal it. Your ideas won’t flourish if you won’t share it. People need to get excited about it and it’s going to be your passion that will help make it happen.”

For more information on Flexisource, check out their website here.

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