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Digimind’s Maxime Hulot Talks About Their AI-powered Social Listening Platform for Insight-driven Marketing
Artificial Intelligence

Digimind’s Maxime Hulot Talks About Their AI-powered Social Listening Platform for Insight-driven Marketing

Maxime Hulot

Country Manager
Asha Gutierrez

Digimind’s Maxime Hulot Talks About Their AI-powered Social Listening Platform for Insight-driven Marketing

By: Asha Gutierrez

A Marketing Dream Come True

Maxime Hulot is Country Manager, Philippines at Digimind, a leading provider of AI-powered social listening and competitive intelligence tools and services. In September 2017, he accepted the challenge to develop the Philippines market for his company. Born and raised in France, Maxime has tried and tested his expertise in a world of constant innovation. “I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted to become when I grew up, but after a few internships I fell in love with the world of marketing,” he shared.

Being able to constantly develop and grow is what keeps Maxime going. He chose to develop his career at Digimind, for it spoke to him through their vision and their mission of helping clients understand their brands and customers better through pioneering innovative technology.  “At Digimind, we help our clients understand what is happening in the world around them so they are able to deliver data-driven strategies and solutions through the use of social listening and data visualizations,” he alludes. “From crisis management and trend forecasting to influencer management, competitive benchmarking and campaign monitoring – our clients have the ability to easily monitor key KPIs to better formulate their business strategies according to real-time consumer needs.”

Max speaking at Bai City Conference

With 20-years of software R&D expertise and dedicated customer success teams, Digimind is able to deliver reliable and innovative technology that allows clients to get not just the big picture, but also the finer details in trends in real-time.

Philippines: A Blossoming Market Opportunity

Maxime immediately found interest in the Philippine market, not only because he has friends in the country, and the language skills are broad here, but also because it is known as a social media capital of the world. “With 72 million Filipinos actively using social media, we noticed an undercurrent of rising needs for martech services in the Philippines market,” he explains.

Digimind Kickoff 2017

After months of research on the local landscape, Digimind was able to penetrate the market successfully, quickly gaining the trust of companies such as Leo Burnett, Publicis JiminezBasic, Okada Manila, Ayala Education, and L’Oreal Philippines. “We were offered an opportunity to dive in headfirst to learn about a new business culture, and we quickly realized the true potential of the Filipino market. We’re excited to partner with more companies in the Philippines to help to set new boundaries in data-driven marketing over the coming years.

A Leading AI-Powered Social Listening Platform

What sets Digimind apart from other social listening and monitoring tools is twenty years of technological and analytical expertise and technology – and the fact that they have been completely self-funded from the beginning.

As the global leader in AI-powered social listening platforms and market intelligence software, Digimind is designed for brands and agencies who want to accelerate digital transformation through an insights-driven approach. Recognized by Forrester and Gartner, its best-in-class technology transforms social and online data into actionable business insights, enabling marketers to effectively plan, execute, and analyze their marketing strategy.

“The sheer volume and complexity of web and social data along with increasing consumer expectations, has created a pressing need for marketers to turn to artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver better customer experiences,” Maxime explains. Digimind launched Digimind AI Sense, a new series of AI-powered features within the platform, in October last year. “By combining the breadth of our 850M sources with advanced machine learning technologies, Natural Language Processing, and image recognition capabilities, Digimind enables customers to analyze large amounts of information with more granular personalization, freeing up their time to focus efforts on the human interaction consumers are demanding.”