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Last Updated on Apr 05, 2017

In emerging markets countries like the Philippines only 2 out of 10 people have a bank account and less than 5% have a credit card. Most Filipinos don’t have access to affordable credit. Their only option is to borrow from pawnshops who charge extremely high interest rates.

PawnHero – the 1st online pawnshop in Southeast Asia, will solve this problem of expensive credit and interest rates. We provide an easy, fair and convenient way of overcoming short-term cash needs. This is a completely new way of doing business in the industry, truly revolutionary, created by genuine visionaries.
Office at W Global Centre in BGC

Most pawnshops only accept jewelry, not your personal item(s) such as gadgets, electronics, and mobile phones. But at PawnHero, not only can you pawn and sell these item(s); you can also do so discreetly. Save time and say goodbye to the intimidating and embarrassing pawnshop experience of the past!

Just take pictures of the item(s) you wish to pawn or sell to receive a fair estimate from one of our leading industry experts. Once accepted, our trusted logistic partner, 2GO can pick-up your item(s) or you can drop it off in any of the 900+ PawnHero affiliated 2GO outlets nationwide. Packages are fully insured and shipping is FREE.

Once your item(s) is received and appraised, you will receive your money through the PawnHero Card which will be provided to you for FREE. No need to have a bank account.

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Unlike traditional brick and mortar pawnshops, there are no hidden costs and no penalties for late payments. Through the use of modern technology for appraisal that is consistently being updated by our A-team round the clock, PawnHero is able to offer half of the monthly interest of physical pawnshops. That makes PawnHero the most competitive in the country.

When it’s time to redeem your item(s) simply contact one of our customer representatives or use your PawnHero Card to pay your loan and we will ship back the item(s) to you, again fully insured and free of shipping charges.

It's that simple. So, why wait?


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