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Halina’t Bumasa

Last Updated on Apr 05, 2017

Hi! Team Halina’t Bumasa is comprised of our family: Nico, the game developer, Terry (Me),  game designer, and our two lively play testers: Andres and Joaquin. Recently, we’ve also welcomed Eru, our artist, and John, our composer into the team. 

A few years back when we had our first son, we saw how the iPad engaged him at such an early age. When he was 3 months old, we would play nursery rhymes to to calm him down from a tantrum. At 8 months, he could manipulate the iPad independently. With the iPad’s help, he learned to identify the letters of the alphabet.

The tablet opened up a whole new world for him, and he was eager to learn. We downloaded as many educational apps that we could find. Soon, Andres vocabulary was rapidly expanding.

But we were never 100% satisfied with the offerings on the app store. We wished there were apps that was more relatable to him. No “igloos”, no “armadillos”, and no “iguanas”. We also wanted apps with characters and environment that resembled the world they live in.

We believe locally made apps for Filipino kids should find its way to the app stores. As Team Halina’t Bumasa, we want to build apps that not only promote early literacy, but also a love for Filipino culture. Hopefully, our two play testers will agree.



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