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ProTEES Project

Last Updated on Apr 05, 2017

ProTEES Project helps you a t-shirt fundraising campaign for your organizations, projects & events with NO UPFRONT COST! 

A Story of Success to Significance.
Human basic needs are food, shelter and clothing. Imagine, by fulfilling your clothing needs, you are also helping communities, organizations, and individuals with good objective. 
Success is achieving your dreams. 
Significance is helping others achieve their dreams.

Fundraising campaign for a cause is fun, fulfilling and exciting.
But producing the item to sell needs capital, so much hassle and very risky!
You may get funds from your organization or get it from your pocket to produce the item. Then so much hassle in negotiating, getting the orders, packaging and delivering them. And there's a big risk that these items will not be sold out completely, at the end of the campaign it might end up in garbage and the funds you raised are not sufficient enough.

Wear the CAUSE. Raise the funds.
Let's jumpstart your t-shirt fund raising! 
RISK-FREE. You don't have to spend any peso, no registration fees, no upfront expense etc. 
CONVENIENT. Promoting, ordering, payment, production, delivery is on us.
CREATIVE. Your supporters will wear your campaign proudly. Everyone will see it, their family, friends, classmates, office mates.

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