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1F-8 Business Center 9 Philexcel Business Park Clark Freeport Zone, Philippines 2023


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(800) 594-7695




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Last Updated on Apr 05, 2017

SupportNInja provides affordable outsourcing solutions to emerging startups. Our goal is to help new businesses build and run a strong, cost-efficient and sustainable customer support infrastructure. The importance of having a proper infrastructure in place cannot be overstated. As companies expand, they tend to become overwhelmed by the growing demand. Every new company reaches a point where something’s gotta give. Our team is here to take the reins on your support operations so that you can move forward with your vision, unhindered.

We learn the ins and outs of your company’s product so that we can take the front lines in managing your customers’ satisfaction. Every company is paired with a US-based account manager whose primary job is to ensure that the team is not only meeting their expectations, but exceeding their KPIs – whether those are conversion rates or CSAT scores.

Maybe it’s our team. Maybe it’s our innovative system. Maybe it’s our inclination toward perfection. Whatever it is – we help businesses grow without the growing pains.

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