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Last Updated on Apr 05, 2017

The start of the ride of our lives
Eddie Ybañez regularly travels, but rarely does a taxi pass by his place. To get to the airport, he needs to ride a jeepney in order to hail a taxi going to the airport. This gave him the idea of the possibility to get a taxi through an SMS request. In November 2012, he met Kenneth Baylosis during Startup Weekend Cebu, and thus, MiCab, the mobile app version of the initial SMS-based solution, was brought to life.

With today’s rise of Transport Network Companies (TNCs), MiCab not only gives taxi-riders the convenience to hail a taxi at a low booking fee, it also empowers the taxi fleet companies and taxi drivers; it enables them to reach the passengers efficiently and effectively, and inspire them to give the quality ride that passengers deserve, upholding the values of the taxi industry and community.
Reaching our destination
Travelers and commuters now have an option for a safer and cleaner ride that guarantees premium fleet and premium environment at the same cost.

In Cebu City and Iloilo City, we cater to the loyal and increasing passengers of Ken Taxi and Light of Glory Taxi companies through an exclusive partnership that maintains the brand and premium service that they champion. Starting in the Philippines, we seek to drive this standard and ethos into rest of the cities in Southeast Asia.
Just like you, we take the taxi, too.
We stand on the same ground as you who experience the day-to-day challenges of commuting. We pass the same roads that you do to get from Point A to Point B. And because we are one of you, we put value in the ride experience because we know what it’s like. We believe that everyone deserves a safer and cleaner ride.


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