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24th Floor Pacific Star Building Sen. Gil Puyat corner Makati Avenue Makati City, Philippines 1227


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Fin Tech


Last Updated on Apr 05, 2017

Our Story

Lenddo has developed its patented technology based on 4 years of actual online lending experience that included collection, analysis and processing of billions of data points. The Lenddo Data Science team includes PhDs and uses advanced machine learning techniques to build predictive algorithms. In January 2015, Lenddo opened its technologies for third parties, such as banks, lending institutions, utilities companies and credit card worldwide to reduce risk, increase portfolio size, improve customer service and verify applicants.

Lenddo is a technology company that forged the idea of using non traditional data to compute people’s credit scores. It was founded in 2011 and its main focus initially was to improve lives of the emerging middle class in developing countries by providing micro loans for specific purposes.

This focus has evolved to work with financial institutions (and other firms) as partners, so its customers can use their social networks and other data such as Facebook, Linkedin, Google, Yahoo and Twitter to prove their identity and creditworthiness. Lenddo now offers a simple and secure way to prove identity and establish your character online to unlock loans, online shopping and improve chances of employment


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