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Last Updated on Apr 05, 2017

Coinage is the Philippines’ first enterprise-grade order book bitcoin exchange platform. We enable you to trade BTC and Philippine Peso (PHP) in the most convenient, safe and straightforward way.

What’s in a name? Coinage means currency. It can mean the act of forging a currency, like the whittling of metal to create coins. Coinage is also the invention of a new word.

Our exchange represents all that. Bitcoin is a new concept coined by the elusive genius (or geniuses) Satoshi Nakamoto. Forged on the Internet, using decades of encryption science, it employs a complex algorithm to guarantee its security. Bitcoin is a new means of transferring value safely and securely–therefore not just a form of money per se, but something more. We’ve explored gold and paper. After many economic booms and busts there is one form of exchange that promises a solution (and probably the one that makes the most sense)–the one backed by math.

We’ve created a digital trading space to serve Filipinos and everyone else in the world who wants to be part of the exciting phenomenon of digital currency. With ample liquidity in both cash and bitcoin, we can assure you of sufficient reserves as you trade with us. It should be as safe and easy for both first-timers and seasoned enthusiasts.

Bitcoin-to-PHP trading is for all, and it shouldn’t be that complicated. Welcome to the fastest, most seamless vehicle to convert your Philippine Peso to bitcoins and vice versa.

Welcome to the new coin age.


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