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History of Philvencap

    The Philvencap is one of the oldest forums especially created for entrepreneurs who are looking for start-ups and expansion capital for equity.

     It has been in existence for the last 25 years and it now works closely with the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) towards the development of professionally and socially oriented entrepreneurs.

     The forum’s main focus is to put the entrepreneurs in contact with elusive and quiet Business Angels who provide capital for equity and other non-financial resources.

     This group was organized by Ed S. Isidro together with 6 other close friends including Rene Fuentes. It was meeting once a month and in the 1990s then AIM President Phil Alfonso invited Ed Isidro to bring his Philvencap forum to AIM to give the AIM students the opportunity to join the forum and gain “battlefield experience” in looking for capital and other resources for their projects.

     The working relationship between the Philvencap and AIM has made the forum grow thereby attracting more entrepreneurs, Business Angels, the academe and other persons interested n entrepreneurship.

      The Business Angels who attend these meetings are both Filipinos and foreign individuals.

      A very important highlight of this forum is the discussion on emerging Trends in the economy, the environment and spotting of related business opportunities that these Trends offer.


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