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Cyber Agent Ventures

We now use Internet services in every aspect of our life.
From PC-based services in the late 90s, feature phones that appeared in the 2000s, and now with the rapid spread of smartphones, although the devices we use may have changed, there is not a single moment that we do not use Internet services in our daily lives.

Some of the Internet services we frequently use today have dramatically changed our lives and our world.
Just as we can no longer imagine waiting to meet someone without a mobile phone, we can no longer imagine living without Internet services.
Start-up companies around the world constantly compete for ideas and technologies to create these innovative services.

CyberAgent Ventures is a venture capital company that specializes in Internet businesses. We actively provide support for these start-up companies that have a substantial impact on the world.

Our investment policy is not simply to provide funds and to seek a return on the investment.

We aggressively help maximize the value of outstanding and emerging Internet services. We provide expertise on service planning and operations as well as hands-on management assistance based on our business experience in a wide range of Internet services that we have been engaged in. We also support global deployment based on our overseas offices located mainly in Asia, where substantial mid- and long-term economic growth is expected in the future.

Our existential value lies in creating venture capitals that have the largest impact on the next-generation of Internet businesses in Asia.

In order to realize our existential value, our mission is to continue being a venture capital that is passionately committed to bringing about innovation to the world by working closely with entrepreneurs who create disruptive Internet businesses and providing them with our full support.

Soichi Tajima

CEO, CyberAgent Ventures, Inc.


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