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Gotenyama Trust Tower 7th floor, 4-7-35 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 140-0001, Japan


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Our mission is to create a
“Platform for the People”-
A Platform that brings prosperity
to the people of the world.
BEENOS is a compound word constructed to literally mean “Beehive”, as we took the English word “Bee” and combined it with the Japanese word for “hive”.

Bees represent sustainability in the ecosystem through bringing prosperity to everything they co-exist with.

Like bees, we wish to cross-pollinate and create a platform that connects information, material objects, global businesses and the people of the world.

Our goal is to continuously be creators of businesses that serve as a Platform for the People.


We create new mechanisms that overcome borders and obstacles everyday. Through the ideas created for internet technology, we draw bridges from Japan to the world, the supplier to the consumer, and from artists to fans as well.


Since it’s founding in 1999, we have continued to pursue E-commerce’s charm and potential. In order to produce confluence between interesting products and our customers both domestically and internationally, we create new flows in product, people, money, and contents.


Using our experience from creating several businesses thus far, we invest in companies from emerging markets in significantly growing countries such as India, Indonesia and Turkey, as well as new startups in Japan and the United states. We give hands-on support to each company we invest in.


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