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Hands on, hands off
Future Now Ventures is able to work with invested companies and partners to varying degrees depending on what needs each opportunity has. We look for ways to maximize our network to the benefit of everyone in our ecosystem, so whether we are hands on with your venture (e.g. operations, board positions, incubation support) or acting purely in an advisory capacity, we will be an active participant in successful outcomes.

Horizontal + vertical
Our background, experience and networks lead us into nearly all corners of the technology and industry landscape. We are interested in engaging in opportunities that are both vertically focused on particular segments or on a particularly piece of technology, and horizontally focused to provide platform capabilities across multiple industries. And of course, we like to see where we can cross-pollinate to create some really interesting possibilities for future growth.

Living in the future
Our technical strong suits are based around cloud - SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, mobile, social media and eCommerce. More often than not we're involved with ventures that are a hybrid of any number of these, or that could be in the future. One of the benefits of having both a diverse and deep pool of expertise is that we live in the future, but we know how we can bring that into the present.

Future Now Ventures isn't limited to one particular geographic region. We have focal points across the globe, particularly in Asia, the US and Australia. However we also have a focus on ventures that have a global audience and market, so no matter where it is that they begin, we want to see them playing on the world stage from the start.


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