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Monk's Hill Ventures

Monk’s Hill Ventures is a partnership of seasoned entrepreneurs who have built and backed global companies based both in Silicon Valley and Asia. We are a venture capital firm investing in technology startups that will take advantage of the fast growing Southeast Asian markets.

We are entrepreneurs. We believe that, above everything else in the startup world, it is the entrepreneur who creates value. The right entrepreneurs have the smarts to correct mis-defined products, the charisma to bring onboard expertise they themselves do not have, and the mental strength to stick through the tough times. With our operating background, we contribute more than just capital. Having built companies ourselves, we collaborate with founders as fellow entrepreneurs to make their vision a reality. Entrepreneurs backing entrepreneurs.

We are technologists. We believe deeply in the positive and increasing impact of technology on our world. Investing in technology companies has never been more attractive, as technology adoption reaches an inflection point. There are now nearly 5 billion mobile subscribers and more than 3 billion internet users globally. With quantum improvement in computing, building and scaling a technology company costs less than 10% of what it took 15 years ago. Leveraging technologies like big data, mobile, and cloud to build significant business is not only possible, but well within economic reach, especially in emerging markets. Innovation is now global.

Monk’s Hill Ventures invests in top entrepreneurs in post-seed companies in Southeast Asia. Think of us as your trusted partner in Asia.


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