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JFDI's work is based on three theses:

1. A new Science of Startups makes it possible to engineer new ventures systematically, reducing risks and boosting repeatable returns from both technical and business model innovation.

2. There are huge opportunities to create value across Asia if we can combine the agility of startups, and the efficiency with which they deploy risk capital, with the market access and capitalization of established enterprises.

3. We believe that innovation need not be a mystery and entrepreneurship should not be painful or lonely. Both can be learned, working with peers and guided by mentors.

JFDI was founded in Singapore in 2010 by Hugh Mason and Wong Meng Weng. Our community has since helped thousands of people in Asia to engineer innovative businesses around their ideas. We can do this because innovation is evolving from an art into a science, and because we have built a community who share their expertise and experience turning ideas into reality.

Our members are entrepreneurs, investors and innovators working in industry. Our partners are grassroots organizations, governments and some of the world's largest corporations. Our practical work is underpinned by close relationships with the world’s leading academic institutions and independent thinkers.


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