Reggie Vallente of Novostorm Technologies Inc.

By Adam Arceo


              Reggie Vallente, CEO of the Novostorm Technologies Inc., is not the typical Tech entrepreneur, nor is he technically an engineer. Unlike the vast majority of people who comprise this field of the service sector, Reggie actually seeks for rightful change; a positive change that would be make a real difference if many will buy into his brilliant ideas. Claiming to be the problem solver type, he simply wills to make the most out of his entrepreneurial skills and continuous improvement talents in order to pursue more innovative ways of dealing with challenges in healthcare delivery, starting with the Philippine setting.

              It all dates back to the second half of 2014 when he decided to take a break from corporate work and establish Novostorm Technologies Inc., a technology solutions company, together with a circle of tech geeks. After years of validating the need, they started to build the prototype of their current solution. Being able to personally experience long wait times at hospitals, Reggie led Novostorm to develop a patient flow management solution, which allows hospitals to track patients in every patient care step from entry to exit. The solution is composed of a real-time dashboard that gives visibility on each patient’s wait times, and trigger alerts to allow immediate intervention accordingly. More importantly, they have employed data analytics to provide timely actionable insights to hospital leaders to guide them on improvement decisions.

                Novostorm aims to enable its partners in the improvement and process of transformation of healthcare facilities using modern-day technology—much like the ones that are currently being used already in various parts of the world, most especially the United States of America and Canada. They also help in the process of organizing uncaptured data, and provide a more precise set of data analytics, combine it with Lean Six-Sigma, a proven improvement methodology that is used in the business industry that relies on collaborative team effort in order to systematically come to a goal, thereby improving quality and efficiency. Therefore, its ideas all lead for its hospital-partners to a more sustainable improvement through reliable measurement systems and organizational process transformations. A proof of that are the actual improvement of the outcomes of their partner hospitals.


              Having held various leadership roles for different local and global Fortune 500 companies, Reggie has seen what has worked and not worked in different types of organizations in terms of improvement. This allowed him to put together a set of best practices which he is currently imbedding on the consulting part of their solution, aiding in putting together the right set of governance framework for management and improvement, along with smart use of data.


          Through the guidance of experienced mentors and the support family and acquaintances, come 2015, the company moved from a prototype developed in the past year, to an actual pilot in a hospital environment, with one of the flagship hospitals in the country. It did not take quite long for it to flourish through the minds of other clients, seeing as major contracts were signed amidst the year.


            With their continuing partner engagements, Novostorm has been a witness of the current collective challenges in healthcare: 

a. A lack of visibility and measurement data of critical processes of care

b. Disjointed hospitals systems further aggravating the lack of reliable centralized data

c. Even with the availability of some data, there is still lack of maturity and competency on what to do with data afterwards

d. Too much focus on service delivery, and unable to provide time on make things better - improvement

e. While some reporting is made as first steps, a lot of management decisions are still not yet data-driven

Given these, it’s not surprising that citizens of our society will continue to experience more than 8hrs at the Emergency Room, tons of wait time to be seen by a doctor, to be treated by a nurse, to be operated by surgeons, to get diagnostic results, to be admitted to and discharged out of hospitals. And these are issues any hospital in the world also currently experience.


With these healthcare challenges, Reggie and the rest of Novostorm is an inspired team-on-a-mission to help hospitals gradually solve these critical challenges, with data, technology, and improvement transformation, to enable them to raise their quality of care and align with global healthcare standards. Working with a hospital at a time, they look forward to making bigger and bigger ripples of positive and disruptive change, which collectively leads to huge real impact, starting with the Philippine society.

Footnote: Novostorm is also in the process of raising funds to fuel its expansion to more clients and multiply the positive impact made by its solutions. Interested investors may reach out to Reggie Vallente at reggievallente@