Abhishek Mohan of Carmudi.com.ph Talks About Growing The Automobile System in the Philippines


With the unreliable public transportation system in the Philippines, it’s safe to say that owning a car is probably the most convenient way for you to get around. Given this phenomenon, Carmudi.com.ph, the leading online automotive classifieds service in the Philippines, looks to expand aggressively while providing customers a hassle free experience in buying and selling of automobiles.


We sat down with Managing Director Abhishek Mohan, to give us some information and helpful tips about Carmudi, and the growing automobile market in the Philippines.


“I’ve always wanted to work in internet related ventures,” says Abhishek. He grew up on the sidelines as a close relative and mentor founded the first web portal in India and thus, he was exposed to the internet right when it first hit Asia. This, along with  a “seed to public listing” stint in video games, inspired him to enter the world of digital entrepreneurship. Prior to working with Carmudi, Abhishek was Regional Director for Excitor A/S, a secure enterprise mobility solutions provider that was acquired in late 2014 by Soliton Systems K.K. (Japan). He has alsobeen involved in various technology companies in the Philippines since the early 2000s.


Moving to Carmudi


Carmudi.com.ph is a website designed to make buying and selling vehicles a hassle-free experience. When Abhishek stepped in to take over the reins of the Philippine business of Carmudi, he made some strategic changes.


He chose to move away from the plain listing based business to take Carmudi into focusing on two very clear themes; the first being the accuracy of information provided online, a strong quality control system, fraud prevention by certification of used cars and the second, by launching a “Lowest Price Guarantee” program for new cars.


“The online classifieds business is going through a major transition, more so the automotive classifieds business. I think this is a very exciting time to be leading a company in this space. A new industry and one in transition feeds my passion to learn and expand,” says Abhishek.


 “Everyone wants to drive a car. To me, driving is a symbol of freedom,” says Abhishek. The Philippines has a far lower motorization rate than the other major SEA markets and with an annualized growth of over 25% over the last couple of years and a young upwardly mobile population, this will be a very exciting automotive market for years to come. Given this, he looks to build Carmudi further, to improve the overall vehicle buying and selling experience in the Philippines.


Advice To Young Entrepreneurs


When asked about a motto that helped him succeed in business Abhishek says, “Remove bias. I mean, look at opportunities as they are, and not fall in love with them. My Professor at business school taught me this and I hold this very high in my principles of qualities to possess. This makes you view opportunities in a more realistic manner and allows you to fail fast,” he says.