Founder Spotlight: Marc Concio of One Network Ecommerce

ONE Network eCommerce: ONE Vision to Revolutionize It All

By Michaela Villaroman


Beginning to pick up steam in the Philippines, ecommerce is slowly carving its mark on the Filipino entrepreneurial scene. It may still be a relatively new concept to the country, but over the years, ecommerce has reached and transformed numerous industries around the globe.


As the new “next move” for growth and development of businesses, ecommerce has turned into every entrepreneur’s means to keep pace with the world’s shift to a digital age. It has become a game-changer for both consumers and entrepreneurs.


Online shops entail many advantages for producers: it enables them to reach a bigger market; makes sales to anyone, anywhere possible; and provides overall ease in running a business. The benefits go both ways, too; shoppers experience convenience as well. Accessibility of shops, availability of information, choice of payment methods, and option to delivery makes any shopper happy. 


With the many promises of ecommerce, the Philippines is eager to catch-up. The country is set to follow suit with the rest of the world, and Marc Concio is intent on helping Filipinos make the transition to the online era of entrepreneurship.



The man with a vision


Turning ideas into reality is hard work. It requires a lot of effort, time, and determination. In truth, the hard work begins right from the get go, coming up with plans of ingenuity. So, what more can turning plans into actions require?


It would need both the drive and intelligence of a person to come up and actualize innovative ideas. Marc Concio, CEO of ONE Network eCommerce, has proven to have such necessities.


Before becoming an entrepreneurial tour de force though, he was set on a different path -Marc had originally wanted to become a priest. His strong faith and passion to help others led him to believe that he was destined for a life of service in church. When he was young, a priest had even prophesized that Marc had the “gift of vision.” Apparently, his gift was to be shared elsewhere as he wasn’t able to pursue his priesthood. It turned out God had other plans for him.


Marc ended up following the entrepreneurial path.


He took up college in Ateneo de Manila University, graduating with two majors in Economics and Development Studies. For our interview, Jason Dela Rosa, Co-Founder of ONE Network eCommerce, shared an anecdote of Marc. He narrated that during college, Marc had competed in a rally race and ended up winning first place. It was an impressive feat considering that his opponents drove racecars while he merely used a stock model Nissan car. According to Jason, the outcome of the competition perfectly encapsulated the way Marc works. “He’s only given a very minimal resource yet he can make it big. He can be number one,” Jason shared.


Being a man of principle, intelligence, and talent, it was no surprise that Marc fared exceptionally well in his career, too.


Working with PLDT Broadband in 1998, he was immediately faced with a dilemma. At the time, the technology offered by the company was very new to the Philippines. No one was interested and there was zero business for PLDT. Not until he actively stepped in and told his boss at the time, “Sir, I want to offer myself. I can do service. I can give my best to make this broadband work because I believe it is the future.”


His efforts were fruitful as he was able to lead a highly successful campaign, surpassing all the revenue and sales targets of PLDT. Shortly after, he was promoted. He became the youngest Manager, Senior Manager, and Category Head of PLDT. He also eventually became the youngest Vice President for Sun Cellular.


After working with those companies, Marc saw another opportunity and joined the company 88DB. After some time, he became the Country Manager. But he wasn’t completely satisfied, however. He knew he could do more. He had these grand ideas and he wanted to start something big.


So, Marc created his own company, ONE Network eCommerce.



ONE Network eCommerce: The game-changer


Marc had a concept to create a unique online store platform that was unlike any other. To set it apart from the rest, he featured the idea of “social ecommerce.” Marc explained that it basically meant establishing “a community of online store owners who helps each other sell each other’s products.”


“Sell better together!” Marc stated.


Their feature means that whether a user has actual products to sell in their online shop or not, it won’t be a problem. Users are given the option to select from a plethora of goods available on the website, and are provided commission from reselling their chosen products. As part of their social ecommerce vision, their “grab” feature also allows the online store owners on ONE’s platform to grab and sell each other’s products.


Being the only company that offers this kind of technology, it is evident that ONE Network eCommerce has an edge on all other ecommerce sites. With that being so, it remains affordable to all. It also doesn’t compromise the quality of its services despite being budget friendly.


Marc envisioned inclusivity amongst its users. Celebrities, OFWs, and average salesmen make up its ecommerce community. The range of its user diversity is impeccable; anyone and everyone could engage in business.


With a revolutionary take on the Filipino ecommerce scene, ONE Network eCommerce’s success is yet to be fully realized. It is expected to become the first billion-dollar startup company in the Philippines, something to definitely look forward to.


For such a bright, massive future, it is admirable that Marc continues to match his accomplishments with humbleness. He believes that he owes it all to God. He continues to honor Him by loving what he does and making sure it helps others. “Love what you’re doing and everything follows,” Marc shared his final advice.


Sharing his vision with the world and creating opportunities, it seems that Marc did fulfill the priest’s prophecy after all.