Richard Evans: The Recipe To Generate Collaborations



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-----In many cases, the main cause of failure is not the business model, but a mental failure: giving up, getting depressed, or losing passion. How have you dealt with this when things do not go your way?


I think if you can be truly honest with yourself and develop a really clear sense of your life’s purpose, then you can never really give up on that. It’s a cliché I know, but when one door closes another opens, if you stay focused and remain open to learning from every experience you will never truly lose heart.



-----Why do people need a co-working space?


Lots of people want co-working space for lots of reasons – it’s a growing market! But our members are drawn together not just for the cost or convenience of the physical space, it is the opportunity to hang out with like-minded people and connect with others who can help you turn your business idea into reality that they value most.



-----What is the most important thing you have ever learnt throughout your life?


That’s a tough one! I think probably to try and always treat others as you would hope to be treated yourself. It doesn’t mean that you are always going to be treated well of course, but at least that way you can always live with yourself, and be at peace with yourself.


-----If you could leave one message for young people to make the world better, what advice you would give them?


Ask yourself what you really want your life to be about, then follow your heart. In my experience, most people have kindness and generosity in their souls, but modern life puts many distractions and obstacles in the way. But these days it is really possible for any young person to make a difference on a global scale – we see many of our members doing just that – it’s exciting and inspiring to see.


-----If you can make a call to 20-year-old Richard Evans, what would you say to him?


Ask yourself what you really want your life to be about, then follow your heart!


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