Guido Sarreal of Trail Adventours

It's Not About the Destination; It’s About the Journey

By Michaela Villaroman

It isn’t hard to find beauty in the Philippines. In fact, all a person really needs is a sense of wonder and the right amount of curiosity to kick-start a life of discovery and appreciation.

The many splendors that the Philippines has to offer gives people an opportunity to seek out and experience a new level of rejuvenation. Basking in the beauty of nature enables a person to reconnect with the earth and with oneself. This means that it is important for people to find time and stop every once in a while to appreciate the beauty that surrounds them.

Aside from being beneficial to the mind and soul, taking a trip to the outdoors is also great for the body. Immersing oneself in nature requires but also gives back a certain level of physical fitness and good health. The Philippines is home to grand mountains, lush forests, and breathtaking sceneries; it would be regrettable to miss out on all the beauty the country offers. Truly, to experience the magnificence of the Philippines up-close would be one of life’s greatest privileges. And luckily, Trail Adventours makes those dreams of adventure a reality for everyone.

An adventurous soul

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

The quote from the famous philosopher, Confucius, paints an accurate picture of how Guido Sarreal, co-founder of Trail Adventours, chose to follow his true passion – becoming an outdoor enthusiast.

Guido was born and raised in a family that encouraged an active lifestyle. They regularly travelled around, which resulted to Guido’s early interest in discovering the world and going off on adventures. Coby Sarreal, Guido’s brother and fellow co-founder of Trail Adventours, developed the same passion. Hiking and trekking became the siblings’ favorite hobby. Little did they know that their shared love for travelling outdoors would end up leading them to a great business opportunity.

But before things fell into place, Guido struggled with his previous work. He was employed for 6 months in a foundation where he was confined to a cubicle in an office. “After tasting office work, I felt my potential wasn’t being exhausted,” Guido remarks, “I was being limited to the work I was asked to do.”

He quickly realized that he wasn’t cut out for employment. For that reason, he decided to go fulltime in his own business instead. Guido considers himself a field guy, who likes to build and create things. It was in his nature to take a risk and involve himself in the creation of something big.

Guido, Coby, and his brother’s friend all got together to start a company that they believed in. They came up with Trail Adventours, a tour agency that provided quality outdoor adventure destinations. Launched during a time when hiking and trekking was just starting to gain popularity, their business quickly flourished. Equipped with extensive knowledge of the outdoors, and genuine enthusiasm for what they do, the Trail Adventours team was able to fortify its success. Trail Adventours now prides itself as the leading hiking company in the Philippines.

Arriving at the destination

For 6 years, Trail Adventours has continuously been delivering top-notch service that caters to the needs of people. What makes the company even more remarkable is that it never forgets to uphold its roles as an advocate for the protection of nature. “Each adventure-filled journey is a step to a better future,” the Trail Adventours team stated. The company’s concerns are not only centered on fulfilling its promise of providing people an unforgettable experience. It also prioritizes carrying out its philosophy of leaving a positive mark on the environment.

Trail Adventours offers people a chance to discover the hidden gems of the Philippine outdoors. It ensures to give them a newfound appreciation for nature and all its wonders. With a goal of bringing anyone along for the ride on an exciting adventure, Trail Adventours makes sure that the journey is as every bit as breathtaking as the destination.