Founder Spotlight: Archit Anand of Omnirio, Leading The Way To The Omnichannel Experience

By Ysa Lauta

Archit Anand is a passionate leader with a drive to solve business problems through the use of his expertise in technology. With his extensive educational background and his successful professional background as a Software Engineer, Archit fully understood how to utilize and position technology according to the market’s needs.

Archit was exposed to E-commerce over the last few years when he worked for Anchanto, a B2B product company. However, with his passion for solving business problems, Archit wanted to do something more worthwhile. So, he took it to the next level and founded Omnirio in 2018. Omnirio is a platform that manages retail business with real time data from seamless integrations to give their client’s customers an Omnichannel experience.

TechShake spoke with Archit to discuss his experience as the founder of Omnirio:

What has your journey been like over the past years and how did it lead you to start Omnirio?

I was born and raised in a working class family in India. Growing up in India, like most of the kids, I took up computer science as my undergraduate degree. I really wanted to learn how to program and develop software. My family was my inspiration to excel. They were the people, especially my dad and my uncle, who inspired me and helped me to enhance my mindset and to focus on what I really wanted to do in life. After I graduated, I worked in India for about three years as a software engineer. I felt that programming was not something that I was fully in charge of, and I am not truly passionate about it. However, I know that I love talking to clients and I love solving problems, especially business problems.  After that, I obtained my masters degree in global business. Then, I worked at Anchanto from 2016 to 2018 in various commercial roles helping them grow and build footprints in the region. This gave me a great understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities across the  E-commerce landscape in South East Asia. Along the way, when I started talking to retailers in the region who have great offline presence, I saw the challenges they have in digital transformation and the lack of local solutions to truly cater to their needs. This is what prompted me to work on a SaaS platform built for retailers to truly help digitize them, so I started Omnirio.

The team behind Omnirio

What do you think is the impact of Omnirio?

With the changing times, consumers are now spoilt for choices and can shop on any platform - whether online, brick and mortar or social media. We position Omnirio as an Omnichannel customer experience platform helping clients provide seamless experience and be present across all channels. What Omnirio does is it advises its clients on how they can put their customers at the center of their business. It is a great way to align businesses to their customer’s needs by using different features which is offered in the Omnirio platform.

What does Omnirio offer and will offer to their clients?

Currently, Omnirio has different platform features such as inventory management, order management, CRM, store pick-up, multi-location fulfillment, and return and exchange. In addition to that, Omnirio has an efficient loyalty and rewards program that its clients can use to enhance their customer’s experience. 

For 2020, Omnirio is rebranding. We’ve already changed our logo. We are going to change our website next. In addition, we will launch four new products. These products can be selected by the clients depending on their wants and needs.

The first product is the Omnirio Hub which is an Omnichannel inventory and order management platform wherein we will connect online platforms with their brick and mortar stores across different locations for seamless E-commerce and Omnichannel experience. The second product is what we call the Omnirio Experience which is the platform for our CRM, and loyalty and rewards card. The third is the Omnirio Reach which is the platform developed for marketing teams to design their emails, to create their SMS, etc., and send it out through personalisation and automation. The fourth product is the multichannel E-commerce platform where our clients can sell on multiple channels like on their own website, or on Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, Shopify, and have one single source inventory that will serve as an E-commerce operation management tool.

What sets Omnirio apart from its competitors?

Our vision is to develop a single platform which our clients can get into to give their customers an optimized Omnichannel experience. To be honest, I do not believe that there is a single platform like that in today’s market. There are platforms like SAP, Adobe, and Salesforce but they are not fully localized platforms which enable South East Asian businesses to get on and provide an Omnichannel experience from day one.

What advice can you give to fellow entrepreneurs?

The first thing I can tell them is that if you want to do something or change anything in life, the first step is to get started. I believe it's one of the most important things in life. If you take too long to get started, you might miss the opportunity. If you think that you can do it, if you feel that it is a good idea, then get started right away. Most of the time, the idea you come up with when you start a startup is changed drastically by the time your startup is already successful. So what I advise is for entrepreneurs to get started as soon as they can validate the idea they have. 

Do you want to give your customers that one of a kind Omnichannel experience? Head on over to Omnirio to get started.