Founder Spotlight: Jude Buelva of Pandalivery, Delivering Services And Empowering Communities

By Ysa Lauta

Metro Manila is crawling with delivery services that offers basically anything and everything under the sun. However, these services have yet to reach the cities and municipalities in the provinces. This is where Jude Buelva, founder of Pandalivery, saw an opportunity to provide an all-in-one delivery service specifically targeting the provinces. 

To the community

Jude was an IT student in Ateneo de Naga when he came up with the idea of Pandalivery in 2017. Jude shared with us that at that time there was no service like Grab Food or Food Panda in Naga unlike in Manila where there are several delivery service providers. He saw a potential in that business, and he pursued it with the help of his family and friends.

Pandalivery is a hyperlocal delivery service where users can order food, groceries, medicine, and other items through their app. They offer affordable delivery services starting from a 35 pesos delivery fee which may vary depending on the user’s distance. In addition, users can order from micro, small, and medium enterprises from the local community. At present, they offer their services to Camarines Sur serving Naga City, Magarao, Canaman, Camaligan, and selected areas in Pili and Milaor. They are also in Legazpi City and Daraga in Albay.

Jude shared with us that what makes Pandalivery unique is it is hyperlocal. Consumers can order from their favorite local stores while local businesses can also expand their reach through Pandalivery. In addition, they also provide opportunities to the community by hiring riders staying true to their vision to empower local communities.

Pandalivery team

For the community

Pandalivery started as an idea of Jude back in college. He told us that he just started the delivery service through a Facebook page with 500 pesos in his pocket and a motorcycle he borrowed from his brother. He initially approached the local businesses and restaurants of some of his friends’ families and asked if they were willing to partner with him for the delivery service. As of today, they have 30 members in their team, 90 partner business, 21 rider partners, eight dispatchers, and an average of 140 orders per day.

Jude told us that getting to where they are today was not that easy. He started Pandalivery in college which proved to be one of his challenges since he was new to the industry, but with the help of his family and friends with their expertise in different industries he eventually learned the ropes of the business. Another challenge was that their competition in Bicol grew, but this made them more competitive and helped them improve their services.

This year Pandalivery expanded with the help of IdeaSpace’s acceleration program. As the new decade enters, they are planning to create creating their B2B and B2C models and to expand to more areas in Southern Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Jude told us that his motivation to expand Pandalivery is the value it offers to people in the communities. They are offering an affordable option to businesses to expand, they are giving opportunities to people by creating jobs in their team, and they are providing premium services to the locals. He advises aspiring entrepreneurs to keep on creating and never fear failure. “You will grow and learn through failure and you will eventually hit the sweet spot from that. Failure lead us to our success.”

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