Founder Spotlight: Josh Supan of xpanse, Empowering Micro Entrepreneurs Online

By Ysa Lauta

Every user is excited about promos and sales especially in popular online marketplaces like Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, etc. These popular online marketplaces are the go-to platforms of not just users but also sellers. Online sellers have an easier experience to sell, manage orders and couriers by just registering in these plug-and-play platforms. However, the downside is a single product search yields thousands of results which puts sellers in an even-playing field with their competitors.

That’s where Josh Supan, CEO of xpanse Technologies saw an opportunity. Through xpanse, sellers can put themselves ahead of their competitors by building their own customized webstore that is directly connected to Noah which is xpanse’s automated shipping platform.

Co-founders of xpanse Jeremiah Abalos, David Marquez, and Josh Supan (middle)

Two-in-one solution for macro and micro brands

Most of online buying and selling in the Philippines are transacted through marketplaces. A lot of sellers in these platforms are micro entrepreneurs who choose these platforms for ease and reliability. Josh realized that he wanted to give these brands and sellers another option by having their own webstore.

Xpanse’s goal is to empower these brands and sellers especially micro entrepreneurs through establishing their own webstores where they can sell their products and tell the story of their business and their entrepreneurial journey. They also provide services like report building, payment solutions integration, inventory management, SEO optimization, and automatic shipment through Noah.

Josh launched Noah which is a cloud-based platform that functions as an order management and logistics system that collects and analyzes order data and then contacts a courier to ship orders. It offers brands and sellers order management, payment solutions, reports, shipping tools, automated shipping, and order tracking which makes the shipment and the overall online selling experience easier and more accessible to the sellers.

Besides the automatic shipment of Noah, what makes xpanse interesting is their flexibility to cater to different clients from big retail brands to simple Instagram stores. They give access to professionally built webstores that can ship orders automatically which gives their clients an advantage in the market.

xpanse Team

Promoting and expanding e-commerce

Josh started his career in SM which is one of the top shopping malls in the Philippines. He realized during his time there that it was hard to encourage clients to have an e-commerce platform because it was a risk in terms of technology, logistics, market, etc. He saw that building webstores and automatic shipping will help boost the growth of e-commerce in the country.

Upon launching of xpanse, they locked in big clients like Gap, Payless, Lacoste, and Banana Republic among others. These major brands helped their business hit off and served as a testimony that their service is reliable. From major brands, they reached out to micro entrepreneurs. To date, xpanse helps hundreds of entrepreneurs go online. They are looking to add over 200 macro brands and 3,000 micro brands by the end of 2020.

xpanse has grown to a team of 30 employees and they are continuously expanding. Josh said that being a leader is not an easy task. He sees to it that he understands how businesses operated and succeeded in the past and integrated these best practices to their business operations. He also added that he avoids micromanaging his team since he believes that they can surpass his expectations when he allows them to work on their own.

In the future, Josh sees xpanse as an all-Filipino startup that will expand to other Southeast Asian countries to promote and make e-commerce easily accessible to macro and micro brands and sellers especially to Filipino entrepreneurs. He also wants to see to it that their company continues to have its good character and make sure that they are doing the best that they can for the ecosystem.

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