Founder Spotlight: Steve Sy of Great Deals

Greater Deals with Great Deals E-Commerce Corp

By: Samantha Ignacio


When you think of shopping, you probably think of giant malls in busy city districts;  tempting sales around every corner; and of course, your empty wallet after an entire day of going ham on the discount section.

Today, shopping takes on a new form as we are thrust into the world of e-commerce. Now, all you need is your credit card, an internet connection, and all the time in the world as you browse through tons of products online. Shopping has become as simple as pushing a button. From selection to delivery, you wouldn’t even need to leave the house anymore.

With this, brands are beginning to notice the importance of establishing their online presence. E-commerce has become the next focus. But with the shift to e-commerce comes the need to manage new facets, beginning with online brand awareness to distribution.

Great Deals E-Commerce Corp presents the full solution for taking brands to the e-commerce realm. Offering services that help brands with online content and production, marketplace management, and even digital marketing campaigns, Great Deals E-Commerce Corp has become the leading e-distributor in the Philippines.

TechShake had the chance to speak with Great Deals E-Commerce Corp  Founder and CEO Steve Sy to learn his story and to talk about how the company grew to what it is today.

Challenges and triumphs

For Steve, his focus on the e-commerce industry stemmed from his experience as a seller himself. Straight out of college, he skipped out on a corporate career and immediately jumped on to entrepreneurship.

He dabbled in a lot of businesses way back then, selling products online. Unfortunately, things didn't pan out so well. One of the greatest challenges he encountered was when he went bankrupt from his initial ventures. He lost everything. And while it took him some time to rebuild and try again, he was back in the game ten years later. That’s when he broke through with Great Deals E-Commerce Corp.

Great Deals E-Commerce Corp answers the problems of brands trying to strengthen their e-commerce service. Offering services starting from taking the product photos up to the distribution of the orders, Great Deals E-Commerce Corp is there all the way. They even provide a 24/7 chat support that helps increase conversion of sales by 36%.

Much of the e-commerce team of Great Dels E-Commerce Corp. is composed of Gen Z digital natives

The E-Commerce team of Great Deals E-Commerce Corp. is composed of Gen Z or Digital Natives which has An average age of 23

Great Deals E-Commerce Corp really began taking off when they closed a deal with their first multinational client. They were able to grow by a whopping 500% in just the span of five months and went from having less than ten employees to over a hundred people working in the fast-scaling company.

It was their outstanding performance and delivery that showed their value to clients who would refer them to others. Great Deals E-Commerce Corp grew significantly just through word of mouth. Steve was pleasantly shocked to see how fast the company grew, especially in such a short amount of time.

One of the advantages of Great Deals E-Commerce Corp is that they offer great training to their employees. The idea was, in order to deliver quality, they must have quality people on board. “We make sure to focus on teaching everyone. We believe that imparting knowledge enables us to grow,” Steve shares.

The e-commerce industry

“It is a disruptive and growing industry,” Steve says. While the e-commerce scene still has a ton of room for growth, now that online shopping is becoming a trend, we can expect to see a lot of activity in the space.

In the Philippines, e-commerce has only begun to take off as brands shift to making their products available online. And since Filipinos are social media savvy people, e-commerce would only keep getting bigger.

Steve recommends getting into the e-commerce space because it is still a growing industry that one can succeed in. He believes that there is more room for opportunity in e-commerce than there is in traditional commerce where one would have to compete with various established companies already existing in the traditional commerce industry.

An inspiration to others

“I would like to be an inspiration to other entrepreneurs. I hope that what they take away from my story is the motivation to get into business and make their own ventures grow despite any challenges they may face,” Steve shares his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Having been an online seller on various social media sites, he also wants to encourage online sellers to never give up and to keep hustling so they can succeed.

As Steve recognizes how his work is able to make an impact, he believes that other people who follow their faith and trust their calling would be able to do the same. He says that these people could impact other individuals from different walks of life, not just in business but as a whole, may it be spiritually, financially, or family wise.

Today, Steve is happy he didn’t throw in the towel. His current success with Great Deals E-Commerce Corp is coupled with his personal milestones of being a father to four beautiful girls and being a husband to a loving wife. He shared that in either victory or defeat, his family was and always will be by his side. Steve is grateful to share his entrepreneurial successes with his family, and with other aspiring entrepreneurs.

To learn more about Great Deals E-Commerce Corp and the services they offer, visit their website here.