Clock In by Ayala Land Offices: Building Communities Through Coworking Spaces

By Michaela Villaroman

Coworking spaces have increased in popularity over the years. In fact, research predicts that by 2022, there would be around 5.1 million coworking spaces around the world. Taking these numbers into account, coworking spaces have undoubtedly become the modern day professional’s workplace of choice.

So, what exactly makes coworking spaces so special? Aside from redefining the structure and setup of traditional offices, coworking spaces are simply able to provide the flexibility and convenience that professionals want. The coworking spaces’ promise of accessibility enables workers to maximize their time and overall productivity.

The psychological benefits of coworking spaces cannot be denied as well. It is through these workplaces that tight-knit communities are built, bringing professionals a refreshing work experience where synergies are fostered through collaboration.

For all these reasons and more, freelancers and even corporations are now turning to these spaces for their office needs. Even in the Philippines, coworking spaces are beginning to pick up traction as more and more professionals are starting to look for both space and community. Recognizing this growing demand, Clock In by Ayala Land Offices offers an answer.

Through Clock In, tenants are presented with several office space solutions as they provide private offices, coworking space, virtual office, and more. Catering to multinational companies, startups, freelancers, and SMEs, Clock In ensures that their plug and play solutions can match the needs of all.

The concept behind Clock In

From the name itself, Clock In highlights flexibility. “For some people, when they go to work, they would clock in and out of their offices,” said Ace Acebedo, Associate Manager of Ayala Land Offices, “For us, what clocking in and out represents is the ability to check in and out anytime and anywhere to work. It reflects both the traditional office practice and the flexibility that we offer here in Clock In.”

Clock In branch of Makati Stock Exchange

One of their offices was built in Makati Stock Exchange’s penthouse when the space had to undergo renovation. Ace told us, “We thought of doing something with the space since it was very prime. After all, it’s in MSE building’s penthouse located at the Ayala Triangle. We thought of doing something that is relevant to the office industry and in keeping with how the workspace landscape is shaping out to be.”

They ended up creating a flexible workspace that catered to other professionals aside from their usual BPO tenants. “We wanted to also cater to the underserved market, which are the startups and the freelancers. They're the market that needs temporary or short term offices,” Ace shared. “We found that it’s no longer a growing trend, rather it’s actually a need for companies or growing businesses to work in an actual space fit to their liking. This is how we came up with Clock In,” added Denise Lagayan, Marketing and Leasing Manager of Ayala Land Offices.

Premium coworking space for the modern day professional

Compared to other coworking spaces, Clock In brings an extra touch of premiumness and accessibility to their services as they operate under the Ayala Land brand. “One of our primary selling points is really the location of our coworking spaces. Since all of our buildings are located in prime areas or key cities, we make sure that Clock In is also located in business centers where it's more accessible and ideal for office operations,” explained Denise.

Conference room of Clock In’s soon to open space in Ayala North Exchange, Makati

Further taking advantage of their prime locations, Clock In also offers passport passes to their tenants. This allows them to clock in to their other branches, which are located in Makati, Bonifacio Global City, Pasig, Quezon City, and more locations to come.

Clock In branch in The 30th Corporate Center, Pasig opening soon

Clock In seeks to cater to any type of professional, whether it be a freelancer looking to use space for a single day or entire organizations seeking to rent office space for months. They offer numerous services and facilities such as private offices, coworking seats, virtual office, meeting rooms, and event spaces.

Aside from these office solutions, Clock In also holds their signature event called After Hours to encourage community building. “We invite people from different startup industries and markets to talk and share about their best practices. It's nice because there are always new faces in these events because we cater to many different, but relevant topics,” Denise explained.

Inspiring collaboration in communities

So far, Clock In’s operations have been met with positive feedback. “The growth is very fast,” Denise said, “There will be a total of seven Clock In locations come next year.” Ace also added, “We’ve opening three more branches in prime cities including Quezon City, Pasig, and another one here in Makati. That would be a total of 3,500 square meters of space, and in the coming years, you can expect that there will be more Clock In locations in the pipeline.”

Events room for Clock In branch in Vertis North, Quezon City to be launched soon

Ayala Land Offices has always been a firm believer in building communities through their projects. “We’re very strong in terms of community building for all of Ayala Land’s subsidiaries and properties - whether it be residential, office spaces, malls, or hotels. It's really the community building that helps us and our tenants grow together,” Denise shared.

While Ayala Land Offices has mostly catered to corporations in the past, they recognize the importance of helping and learning from the startup community as well. Denise shared her thoughts on the startup community, “With startups, they constantly try to innovate and think of new ways on how to grow their businesses. For someone coming from a very corporate world like us, we learn from the startup community and how important innovation is. At the same time, I think startups are also able to benefit from working with corporations as they are able to learn from our tried-and-tested practices.”

For both startups and corporations, Clock In aims to provide a fun work environment where collaboration is at its core. Denise said, “Through Clock In, we hope to keep providing our  tenants with the opportunity to be inspired through the synergies we foster. In the end, we hope to keep helping businesses grow and constantly innovate through our efforts.”

For more information about Clock In, you may visit their website here.