SPACES: Lars Wittig and Margot van der Poel’s Expert Approach on Creative Workspaces


By Asha Gutierrez



The Amalgamation of Perfected Style


            SPACES is the pioneer when it comes to providing creative workspaces. These uniquely spacious workspaces are inviting for both the entrepreneurial and artistic people who need a place for inspiration and productivity. It is your place to work with its unique environment— you are surrounded with like-minded innovative people, music that connects to productivity, a state-of-the-art interior design that invites one’s ingenuity, and you are also served with a great choice of coffee to spark up more ideas.

            SPACES originated in Amsterdam and they have over 400 workspaces from around the world. It has been proven that SPACES is the place where businesses grow, companies such as Uber, GoPro, and Microsoft are known to be some of the 500 top businesses that are collaborating with SPACES. They are the host and home of such large community business leaders and they have learned from each other over their productive years of working together.



Brands, people, and events. SPACES can provide these for you and your business. If you are sitting alone and you feel like meeting new associations, there are a lot of innovative people that you can connect with here. With SPACES, you can work excessively, anywhere, and with proper networking opportunities. This is why they are known as an efficient co-working space. As Margot alludes, "We are a mix of community that brings together different industries, different sizes of businesses,  people who have been in established businesses, and newcomers." They are all brought together. 

As Wittig said, “Spaces will be the connector and to be an effective one, we have to spearhead community-building that goes beyond comfort and convenience. We have to be at the forefront of uniting these businesses to support their creation of an inclusive ecosystem and make it more viable.”

Growing Communities and Flexible Workspaces

SPACES launched their first property in the Philippines at World Plaza, Bonifacio Global City this October during their 10th year anniversary. With the total penthouse floor area of 3,200 square meters, they can easily accommodate events, business offices, and individual working spaces. When asked why they chose this place, Lars Wittig, their Country Manager, explains, “We go where the clients want to go and where they are situated.” They will be opening an entire building for SPACES in Arnaiz Makati, behind New World Hotel soon. SPACES are eager to serve the Philippines and their growing business communities that are looking for flexible and creative workspace.

SPACES is deemed as a mix of diversity. This is why it shows that they know what others require, from Millennials to Baby Boomers, from big to small companies, and from business people to artists. They are designed in a way that you will feel comfortable working here whether you are wearing your casual attire or a suit. "What we put together is something that we have built up on for over the past 10 years. It's the high end design that brings everyone together," Margot explains.

At present, their goal is to attract more people and they plan to open more than 200 branches globally. Margot van der Poel, the SPACES Brand Manager explains the scientific and artistic approach of their workspaces: “From the right design, the quality of our furniture, the tone of our music, and the character of our people, we create an environment that appeals to everyone. It is their aim for the client to experience what it is like to learn new ideas, move forward, and be inspired by SPACES.  “It’s about creating an environment that it creates.”

"Whether you’re a small business, entrepreneur or working for a corporation, we provide more than just a place to plug in your laptop. What really makes Spaces unique is the community we’ve worked to cultivate – full of forward thinkers, innovators and game changers who love what they do."

If you are interested, please check their website here.