AdMov: Ellard Capiral’s Distinctive Advertising Solutions to Transport Vehicles

By Asha Gutierrez


The Vision of Advertising Vehicular Services

            Ellard Capiral is the Founder and CEO of AdMov Transport Marketing Solutions. AdMov is an information platform for public transportations. They currently focus their distribution to Grab cars in the Philippines. The idea of AdMov came up to him while he was inside a Grab car 2 years ago. He likes to look around and observe the things around him whenever he travels, “I do not just use my phone when I am in transport. I have a curious mind and I like to look around and see how things are working around me,” he explains. EDSA was a regular route for him on his way to work every day and he would always pass by billboards. This is how his lightbulb idea sparked. One day, he felt frustrated with the fact that he could not see the billboards properly or even understand the message that the advertisements were trying to show. “So far, you only have a limited time to see and absorb them. During traffic, it is almost impossible since you already have too many obstacles to think of,” he explains.

            Because of this experience, Ellard asked himself, “Why not put all of these advertisements inside the vehicle?” Thinking of the market, he thought of the buses and taxis but then he saw Grab as the perfect audience for finding tech-savvy customers on the revenue side. 

            He admits that he was also influenced by his son who likes watching inside their car whenever they travel. “He has his tablet and we prop it in front of his seat while he rests on the back seat.”

He is usually inspired by his family, his beautiful wife, and the opportunity to help others. “My parents passed away from diseases and I still remember what it is like to have debts to pay. This is why I am inspired to help out people who went through similar struggles,” he explained.


The Journey is What Matters

Ellard knew then that he wanted to build his own startup someday. This is why he joined CloudSwyst and became the CTO there. “During that time when I was working with them, I became interested with Google Ads. I build websites and earn money by creating YouTube advertisements as well.” This is where he developed his uncanny skill in advertising.

            He has always been interested in software development and mobile phones. He took Computer Science, Information Technology and Systems Software Engineering in Asia Pacific College. He became an influencer of applications and software developer for companies like Trend Micro, Cloud Sherpas, RealPage, Inc. and, CloudSwyst Global Systems Inc.

He started his first startup while he was a sophomore student in college. It was a challenging time for him for he lost his scholarship and was working part-time for a fast food restaurant. “I felt then that the effort and time I was putting in was not worth it,” he explained. This is why he was further motivated to turn his software ideas into reality.


The Ongoing Progress of Advertising Solutions

AdMov differs from the other advertising companies because of their software and technological advantage. “We all came from technology fields so we bring in all of the new technology skills that change the advertising landscape that our company brings,” he explains. AdMov builds on the system itself instead of just the outsource. They focus on the software apart from the advertising.

            Grab presently has 32,000 drivers and AdMov aims to capture its full potential. They also plan to have expansions in Cebu and even Pampanga. They will also expand to Singapore this year. His main goal is to build the company to have a reach in the Southeast Asian region. “Nothing is impossible, you just need time to build and to come up with the solutions to the problems,” he said.

            AdMov makes the experience of each passenger personalized by providing relevant and entertaining content for the individual. Using the camera of the tablet, the gadget determines the age and the gender of the passenger to decipher the preferred advertisements to show in the screen. By using artificial intelligence and also face recognition, they cater to the interest of the passenger and providing useful content at the same time.

            AdMov also creates a social impact by giving additional income to the drivers. Right now, drivers do not have much incentives anymore and we saw that they drive 15-16 hours a day. AdMov helps out by giving the driver an earning share for each advertising gadget installed in the vehicle. Apart from that, the drivers can also use AdMov as a safety feature by monitoring each other as a group. The group of drivers can share their GPS to their group of drivers or family members.

The Value of Working with a Purpose

Ellard believes in executing ideas to avoid stagnant problems. “Finding solutions on your own can be a difficult but much-needed activity. If you saw a problem, think of it on your own in order to think of possible solutions first. He also values working with people with similar thought processes in order to work together efficiently, “There are two types of people, those who give excuses and those who give results.” It is important to choose people with similar goals.

His advice to future entrepreneurs, “Know why you are doing it because if you are just doing it for the sake of glory, money, or fame you will not have the motivation to push through later on once you encounter problems.” He believes in finding something that you believe in and wholeheartedly want to pursue.

If you are interested, please check their website here.