Stash: Omar Cruz’s ambition to create a technological world on health

By Asha Gutierrez


A man of distinctive vision

              Omar is no ordinary man. He is currently the Founder and Chief Innovator of Stash PH, a web-based solution that renders in Health Claims and Management System in one platform. Stash values their ability to connect with healthcare professionals with customers in a seamless and secure manner. He was inspired to create stash so that the hospitals will be able to have a faster and more efficient means of communications with its patients or to anyone who is in need. From then on, it has become a personal goal for him, to create a process that will help others.

Omar believes in making things in its best form. As Francis Ongpin-Lock Chiu said about him, “Omar is a rare find. His personality and overall drive for something new is always refreshing… He’s the kind of employee where if he’s passionate about something, he really does his utmost best in it.” He is definitely a man of impressive abilities.

Stash has amazing advantages such as Real-Time Access, Less Paper Work, Expertise and Domain Knowledge, Tracking and Management, One System, Social Sciences, and Collect Claims Faster. Due to its practicality, several companies have already merged themselves such as Hospital of the Infant Jesus, HIMAP, Intellicare, LaunchGarage, FinTech Innovation Lab, and Muru. He believes in creating efficient websites and valid technological information processing.

He was formerly a Technology Lead in Blast Asia Inc., Technical Manager at Novare Technologies, Consultant at RCG Global Services, Associate Manager at Accenture, Senior Software Engineer at Sabre Airline Solutions, Software Engineer at Lawson, and Software Engineer at Antico Manila Inc. He specializes and is featured by his skills in Java, Software Development, and Agile Methodologies.

              Omar took up BS-CS Software Technology (2000-2004) and also  MS-IT Information Technology 2006-2008 when he studied in De La Salle University. He was a member of their Student Research and Development Program and held various Student Government positions as well. He has always been a promoter and organizer by heart. He got his entrepreneurial skills from her grandmother, as she had her own business in the market while he was growing up. He plays basketball for his hobby.


The new innovative health tech company

              Stash is a health tech company that adheres to claiming the management platform for health insurance companies and doctors in the Philippines. Here they are solving the complicating usage of paper by replacing it with a click of the button. This way it prevents the problematic fraud and abuse that one may encounter. They are improving the quality of patient care through a lower cost of premiums. With Stash, you will receive a better quality healthcare. It is their vision “to become the de facto standard service platform for health insurance providers in the Philippines that people trusts and use for their healthcare needs.”

              Stash values action and its desired results. It also values integrity and commitment, respect, team effort, and self-starters. They appreciate that the priority of execution than perfection, communication, and autonomy as well.


A productive technological processing

              Stash eliminates the need for calls between Hospitals and HMOs through online communications. It is their intent to process everyone in the healthcare industry. Through the expertise in information technology and domain knowledge in healthcare, they have the ability to cut through complicated systems that make healthcare administration difficult. He said, “There’s a lot of distress and dishonesty in organizations since it involves money but these things can be eliminated by systems right away.” This systematic preposition spots errors and wrong processing right away. Not only that, it eliminates cost apart from terminating fraud.


Hospitals relying on such benefits

              Hospitals are growing around the country as the population increases. So the need for the organized medical facility is increasing. HMOs companies are also controlled properly for it is needed by more than a 3/4 million population of people. “Stash as a new player of this business, it is their duty to observe how everything connects,” he said. Big or small, all hospitals and insurance companies are being considered by them. It is their mantra to provide in the HealthCare and IT perspective. It is the infrastructure of the Philippines that has been the dilemma, so he believes that it needs to be focused on in order for the country to recuperate.

              It has also been noticed by him that old-fashioned people are having trouble in adjusting to the new technologies of the modern era. This is why Stash is created in a diverse but comprehensible way. “A system reflects the people who are using it,” he explains. So it is our duty to create solutions for more efficiency. It is through his work experiences that he was able to learn to adjust to the needs of the other. It is about getting to know your customers and adjusting for them.

              Creating a business or a corporation is not easy. However, if you have an innovative idea that can help a lot of people, it is quite hard to turn your back on it. “It is about making a positive difference to many,” he said. It is about making something worthwhile, even though it may be difficult in the long run. It should benefit others instead of misleading them. Stash represents such a notion. He is inspired to do well by his family, especially with the wholehearted support of his wife. One needs to be relentless instead of weeping when things become challenging. For Omar, it is about making inputs through hard work and perseverance and by executing worthwhile ideas.

If you are interested in Stash, you can check their website here.