PhilSmile: Camille Krejci’s vision to provide technical connections

By Asha Gutierrez 

A talented man with an immense vision


              Camille Krejci is the Founder and President of PhilSmile. He is now presently providing IT services to schools in the Philippines online enrollment, cash management, grading, offsite payment (malls, pawnshops, convenient stores) domestically and abroad, RFID student ID for access control and cashless payments, and short-term student loans.

            He is a man with a wide vision for business as he specializes in Entrepreneurship, Market Research, and Project Management. He is known as a man of amazing adaptability skills. As Serge Hayat, his former co-worker relates, “I advised Camille on media right acquisition and was impressed by his resilience and fast learning skills as an entrepreneur at only 21. He is known to be a fast learner or an information sponge even. He speaks English, French, and German. He looks at culture to see what one should adapt to.

            Camille has worked and traveled for most of the last 4 years in South East Asia. He has a strong sales skill and intensive analytic focus with an extensive business background in finance, marketing/sales, advertising/media, and managing talents, IT. He has created a company for 2 years (summer 2010-spring 2011) He has been to the Philippines when he noticed the systems of the schools. He began building PhilSmile with the intent to improve the technology systems for more efficiency. He tries to negate the unneeded complexities as he provides the needed connection and information for the parents. “They will provide any information about the degrees, the grades, and the census,” he explains. He is about providing renewed and improved systems.

            Camille studied in the Essec Business School Paris (ESSEC MBA) Master of Science in Management with the field of study in Strategy, Economics, Management, Finance, Marketing, Bachelor of Science in Economics and Management, and Master of Science in Economics and Management, 2009-2013. (Specialization in France) He also studied in Macquarie Graduate School of Management with the degree of Master of  Business Administration, 2012. He even took Lycee Louis le Grand, an intensive two-year preparatory course for competitive entrance exams into highly selective French business schools with the degree name of Baccalaureat, the field of Study Maths, History, Geography, and Philosophy, 2007-2009.

            Camille is a man of with a wide field of business experiences. He is presently a consultant in Asian Development Bank (ADB) and he is the President of PhilSmile. He is formerly an Independent Consultant, a Business Developer in Foret Bleue Asia, CEO and co-founder of Banakae, and he took a Summer Internship in Societe Generale. He is very active that he even Volunteered in Valdocco, a non-profit organization that helps kids in need near Paris through creating outdoor cultural activities and homework help.


A convenient connection from abroad


            PhilSmile is a school payment platform in which a parent from can make a direct payment for their children’s tuition fees with colleges and universities in the Philippines from domestic or from abroad. Because of PhilSmile, you can now pay the education bills to the nearest PhilSmile Padala Eskwela payment centers, pawnshops, and convenient stores. There is no need for you to stress out and line up at the school cashier.

             PhilSmile creates a stronger sense of knowing for the parents as they get to know where the money goes as you settle the payment. As soon as it is paid, there will be an instant confirmation and settlement with the school by the next banking day. Not only that, they get to save 80% compared to the traditional remittance costs on payments from abroad. Payment with PhilSmile is a bargain at only $1USD. You rest assured that you have already paid your child’s fees and you get to do it in an even lower rate.

             However, the best thing is you get to see the results of your child’s progress. You get to see the results and you get to keep in touch by getting the important grades and reports of your children. This way, parents get to see how their children are doing with their academics. As he Camille said, “We increase convenience for students, control for the parents, and collections for the schools.”



A larger scale of improvement


            The main business model of PhilSmile is that the IT technicians have conjured to effectively process the connection between the user and the school. Last year they have already started with twenty-four schools of 17,000 students and its aim is to have more than 50,000 students soon. He believes that a company grows gradually through time as long as it has an ongoing system of progress with ongoing fundings.  If you want to make a difference in education and fintech, you can have a role available for the tech and sales in the company.

             It is about the what the client needs. “The key is to get the systems is to focus.” He explains. Success in start-ups is based on good ideas. He plans to expand PhilSmile in the Philippines and to other countries as well. It is about maintaining the relationships in a larger span of area. He plans to keep on providing good packaging values for the users for a better reliance on the company. “It is all about being able to reach and understand what is needed at that time.” he reflects. “The key in this life is understanding an idea of a project that could be in the market.”


If you are interested in PhilSmile, here is their website.