Get.Place: Tim Michael’s Virtual Real Estate Brokerage

By Asha Gutierrez


A man of unique supportive ideas

           Tim Michael is an entrepreneur at heart. He is the co-Founder and CEO of Get.Place, an online accessible marketplace that connects the user to real estate brokers with the desired property listings. He came up with the idea of Get.Place because he is aware that people have had bad experiences with brokers and personally went through the struggle of finding real estate. He wanted to change the shortcomings of listing sites, where outdated listings, unresponsive brokers, and bad customer service characterize the customer experience. “There needs to be something done” he said. In result, Get.Place is a real estate marketplace with no listings. The brokers associated with Get.Place are monitored on their proper performance to the clientele and constantly vetted according to the property seekers feedback.

          Tim is a German entrepreneur who has lived around the world as he travelled in different countries. He was influenced to do business for he grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and he went to an entrepreneur University. “From there, I know the struggle and the beauty of being an entrepreneur.” he said. He went to school in the States, studied in Korea as an exchange student, and finished his education in Germany. His skills render towards Operations, Business Development, Management Consulting, Start-ups, E-commerce, and Strategy. “It’s all about keeping the balance for the demand and the supply in order to give the best service to the clients, while creating considerable value to brokers.” he said. It’s all about thinking it through and having the proper mindset in transforming your ideas into a business venture.

           Tim Michael is formerly the Head of Operations at FoodPanda Philippines, Consultant at INVERTO AG, Intern Contract Logistics at Kuehne + Nagel Poland, and Sales Controlling and Business Development at Lieferheld Germany. He has graduated at WHU-Otto Beisheim Graduate School of Management, 2011-2014 and also at Yonsei University with the Field of Study in Business Management, 2013. “My University has the network, the exposure, and the compliments of entrepreneurship.” he explains.

An efficient access to the right broker

           Get.Place helps you to find the right broker for your requirements. You don’t have to spend hours for looking at websites with property listings anymore. You just choose Get.Place and they will connect you to the right brokers in real time. The innovative process has reduced the time of finding real estate from several weeks to just a few days.

Get.Place is now available in the AppStore, Google play and can be reached on the web under          


An easy access to what you’re looking for


           In Get.Place, the steps are quite easy. First, you create an inquiry on what you are looking for by logging in to the website or app. From there, your inquiry will be sent to the broker network. Second, you match with the brokers within minutes after the request. You will be able to see pictures and descriptions of the listings as well as ratings or reviews of the brokers. Next, based on all of the given information, you get to chose which of the brokers to contact through the built-in chat. From here, you get to schedule the viewings in order to find the new place that you want.                              

           Get.Place is the right place to start your productive search. You can use it with less effort and maximum convenience. Philippines is a good place to start as it is a sizeable and growing real estate market. Get.Place expects to grow and continue its reliable service in the upcoming years. “We will keep on providing the best customer experience and empower the best brokers on our platform. In this way, we will become the world’s largest virtual real estate brokerage.” Tim explains his vision. According to him, it is a two-way relationship in which everyone wins. By creating a brand that stands for a consistent quality and great customer experience, Get.Place is perceived, in essence, a real estate brokerage itself. The vision of Get.Place on the broker side is to provide a complete CRM tool with the app which will be used as part of the daily workflow by the best brokers. For Tim Michael, it is all about executing ideas and transforming it into reality.


If you are interested in Get.Place you can check their website here.

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