Fetch: Steven Martin Luchangco’s astounding solution to an overlooked parking dilemma

By Asha Gutierrez


A man of innovative epiphanies


Steven Martin Luchangco is presently the Founder and CEO of Fetch Valet. It is a Fetch On-demand Valet Parking. He has good management skills and he formerly worked as an Assistance Vice President in Bank of the Philippine Islands, Assistant Vice President and also Product Category Manager in Philam Life. (AIA Group) He gained the epiphany of creating Fetch Valet during the graduation of his son. The parking was a nightmare. After 45 minutes he still had no place to park. “It’s insane already how difficult it is to park lately.” he alludes. He believes that people’s time is much more valuable to be wasted on such matters as endlessly looking for a parking space.

After 2 years of noticing the said parking dilemma, Steven noticed that there is still nothing done about it. That was when he decided to go for it, find a viable solution, and create his own valet parking business. From there, he resigned from his corporate work and he focused on Fetch Valet. He is now fully committed to his own company now given that it is increasing in demand day by day. “There are many users now and they loved the valet service!” he exudes. He started with just an idea but now it is an ongoing progressive development. It is not all about success to him. For him, it is about working on and fixing problems.

Steven studied in Ateneo de Manila University with the degree of B.S. Management Engineering, 2000-2004. He graduated in Xavier School San Juan for his High School education. Several of his skills include Management, Business Development, and Busines Analysis. He recently got into entrepreneurship because of his innovative Fetch valet idea. For his belief, he thinks of hard work and independence. “Passion is good for business,” Steven explains that it is about the drive and mentality to do things. He is all about validated learning—trying and making ideas to run as a startup.


Valet Parking at your convenience


              Fetch is an ambitious latest tech startup the gives solutions to prevalent parking problems around the world. It is starting its launch here in Metro Manila. Users of this unique Fetch can request for a valet on-demand to park their cars in secure parking lots or garages so they never have to stress about parking dilemmas ever again. With Fetch Valet Parking, you don’t need to stress with your parking anymore. It is now downloadable on the App Store. You can also message Fetch Valet on Facebook by clicking this link: m.me/Fetch Valet. “You don’t need to wait at a valet stand, you can be met where you want to be met,” he said.

              Fetch ensure that your car will only be parked in secure parking lots. Available secure lots include 28th West/Fort Strip Parking Lot, One, Two and Three Parkade, Cresent North and South Parking Lot, Gallery Parkade, 30th East, Crossroads, and other parking lots within Bonifacio Global City. It also comes with a convenient cost of only PHP45 per pick-up plus P1 for every 4 minutes. (the minimum is 60 minutes) The equivalent pricing is at P15 per hour. Working around the area, you might need to park for around 9 hours but it will just be P180 per day with Fetch. Here, you can save time and effort by parking conveniently around the city. Fetch Valet transactions are also cashless as you can conveniently pay with the of any VISA or Mastercard debit or credit card. “Having a car is for your own convenience.” not the other way as the parking problem creates he believes.


Better time, better vibrations


              Fetch removes the wasted time lining up and aimlessly looking for an empty parking space. You also don’t need to move your car before the time limit is up anymore. Fetch even provides well-trained and trustworthy valets to wait for you as you arrive at your destination, in which your car can be parked securely. You will get a notification on your app on where your car will be parked. Once you are ready to go, your valet will even aid you by having your car waiting for you when you get out.

              For those who worry about their car safety, rest assured that the valets are trained and licensed to drive carefully. There is also a monitor for the drivers via GPS to make sure they get to the parking lots and meeting point on accurate time. There is also insurance coverage to any car afflictions, “In the unlikely event that our valets cause any damage to your car, we will cover the repairs, backed by our P5 Million insurance coverage from BPI/MS Insurance Corporation.


Aiming for further expansions


              They have now done fundraising for a larger pitch in Fetch. Apart from the valets in BGC, they are now planning on opening in Makati, and then next to Ortigas. He is now planning to target further parking places such as vacant lots, restaurants, and various parking lots. It is his vision to make valet parking accessible everywhere soon.

              He is also thinking of making new opportunities in having valet prices into realistic. “It’s all about validating the idea, starting small, testing it out, and working with the people you know,” he said. From there, you can build up into larger effective innovations. He is planning to improve through tech startups and recruiting. His whole team right now has the mentality to do the things satisfactorily because of the presence of passionate aspirations for a better company. “All I really want to do is to make life easier for people… Nobody needs to suffer.” Steven explains as he imagines a place improved by good ideas and technology.


If you are interested in Fetch, you can check their website here.