SkyEye: Matthew Cua’s one of a kind technical concept

By Asha Gutierrez


A new domination for an innovative talent


              Matthew Cua is a man of unique innovative attributes. He is presently the Founder and CEO of SkyEye Analytics Inc.  He thrives and enjoys in places where things are chaotic and where there more unknowns than known variables. This is shown in the different ventures he has taken up. He is a young innovator who believes that creating sustainable technologies and business models is the key to progress. He believes that it is through making businesses that you get to express your own crazy creativity. “Entrepreneurship and start-ups may not be easy but it is slugging through it every day and working for it.” he reflects. For him, what doesn’t kill him makes him stronger. You learn through failure.

He has an immense background in both business management and science that allows him to a deeper understanding and multi-perspective approach towards business process modeling and tech development. “What motivates us is our social impact,” he said. He envisions to create an impact as big as possible in both local and global opportunities and he aims to do so within 5 years. This is his challenge for now as he builds up his systems and startup. It is about making sacrifices for the community. For him, the Philippines should create more start-ups as the country has many possibilities.

As Carlos Ezequiel said, “Matthew is the most hardworking and fun-loving person I have ever met. He has a good working knowledge of business and technology and is able to manage both equally well. He keeps up-to-date with the latest technology trends, and incorporates novel ideas and methods that are useful and relevant to the goals of the company.”  Matthew definitely aspires to improve his ideas and turn them into reality. He believes that the drones are the future. It is about making things work well.

              Matthew was formerly the President at Awesome Lab Inc., Managing Director at Ateneo Innovation Center, Chief Technology Officer at Awesome Lab Inc., Interim General Manager at Best Engineered Technological Corporation, Sr. Research Innovator of Applied Sciences, Loving President at Free Love Philippines, and he interned at Chery Motors Libis. He specializes in Handling Multi-disciplinary teams, Innovation Technology, New Business Development, Business Planning and Execution, New Product Development based on new technologies and techniques, and Disaster Risk. He is known as the “Crazy Squirrel” due to his energetic ways and entrepreneurial spirit.

He graduated in Ateneo de Manila University in Bachelor of Science with the field of study on Management with Applied Chemistry, 2006-2010. He also took another degree in the same Universtiy, MS Environmental Science with the field of study on Disaster Risk Reduction, Air Quality, Sustainable Business Operations, 2010-2015. He even studies Personality Development at John Robert Powers and he attended Xavier School for his High School, 2002-2006.


A one of a kind drone device


              SkyEye Analytics, Inc is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) service and Decision Support service company providing different services such as GIS mapping, low altitude Aerial imagery, and deployment of low-cost UAVs. It is their aim to provide an eye in the sky for all Filipinos. It is an incubated student-driven company inside Ateneo De Manila University. According to Matthew, it is his focus to using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in vertical profiling of the lower troposphere and the rebuilding of ecosystems for a holistic and sustainable relationship between humans civilization and the environment.

              SkyEye Analytics, Inc. started as a university research project in August 2009. A group of multidisciplinary students taking their Master’s and Bachelor’s degree got together to explore the usage of UAVs in the Philippines. They created the product out of necessity given that satellite images were hard and expensive to obtain.


The bridge to aiming wider solutions


              The company is now catering to both the public and private sectors. The SkyEye Analytics now believes in the power of drones for good as they utilize this tool to glimpse. From land surveying, disaster mitigation, precision agriculture, and forest protection, this new technology becomes a distinctive aid. “We are a company committed to procuring, processing, and analyzing data to help you make better decisions.”

              They created their own drones through their immerse knowledge in technology and the Japanese drone influence. This way, they were able to make their selling point more affordable. Matthew was partnered with computer and engineering people as he created this one-of-a-kind drone as the thesis in their University. They believe in multi-disciplinary teams and each person in the organization to work in his/her own strengths.

 After the Yolanda storm, they decided to create their innovation into their very own company as they helped the military with their drones during the typhoon. During the earthquake, they also assisted in looking for the fault line. They are born from disasters as they want to build a social impact and help people. They have been helping in demolished zones and thus assisting tremendously to the environment. “We had to form an organization in order to accept the payments for our services,” he said.


A team worthy of progressive innovation


              SkyeEye has the capacity to build their own customized drones. It is specifically built for the Philippine environment, weather, and economic realities. Given that they build their own products, their costs are low and they maintain efficient operations. Their drones have unmatched operational capacities as they have already flown over 5,000 flight hours through more than 100 projects nationwide. They are now considered as one of the most productive private drone operators in the world aside from militaries and drone manufacturers.

              This company has a strong Engineering and Science background. They even represented in the ASEAN (Along with Singapore) during the World’s Premier Technical Conferences, ICUAS. SkyEye Analytics is now World-Renowned as they are now trusted by local and international NGOs, including the United Nations Office for the Coordination for the Humanitarian Affairs as they give their contribution during disasters. SkyeEye presently works hand in hand with law enforcement as well as the military for safety, security, and response for the Filipino people.


When accomplishments affect the environment


              The available services of SkyEye Analytics are astounding. They offer Aerial Mapping & Aerial Surveying, Aerial Videography and Photography, Drone Racing Series, Drone Rental and Subscriptions, and Customized Services in which the client can demand service legal agreements, project audits, crop health analysis, watershed management, and so much more. The company acknowledges any unique projects that the client has in mind. SkyEye Analytics has the confidence they can offer the best service for you given that they already performed competently under a wide variety of clientele such as real estate developers, government agencies, and even drone hobbyists.

           SkyEye Analytics has already won numerous awards as well. SkyEye Analytics is the winner of ImpactHub’s Innovation in Mobility Challenge, winner of PLDT and Rappler’s #BeTheBoss Awards for Innovative Solutions, and Start-up of the Year from Rice Bowl Awards Philippines this year 2016. They have unmatched operational abilities as they have more than 12 licensed CAAP operators, 9 licensed drones, 5,000 hours of operations around the country and teams that can employ anytime. SkyEye Analytics definitely empowers firms to maximize the use of unmanned aerial vehicles. This company scales up day by day as they improve their vision to helping others through their new innovations.

If you are interested in SkyEye, you can check their website here.