Guevent: Addi Guevara’s wise insight for change

By Asha Gutierrez


A man of enormous capacities


Roberto David A. Guevara, known to most as Addi, is the Chief Financial Officer at Guevent Investments Development Corporation. He is an investor and an entrepreneur. He aspires for the Filipinos to overcome self-inflicted limitations. “I believe that Filipinos tend to underestimate our own capacities and place everyone else on a pedestal. We need to change this so we can rise above ourselves. We need to stop limiting ourselves to opportunities within only in the Philippines.” he exudes. He envisions such barriers to be dissolved so that change for the better becomes imminent. He is confident that through time, this is a possible reconstruction. “It’s all about persistence.” he believes.

Addi is a Graduate of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology School of Business and Management (Masters of Business Administration M.B.A.) from the years 2007-2009. He also graduated from Ateneo de Manila University Bachelor’s Degree in Management Economics, 1998-2002.


Guevent Investments Development Corporation is an investment company with more than fifty years of experience in Real Estate, Financial Services, Transport, Insurance, Technology, and more. Aside from being the CFO of GIDC, Addi is also the External Division Director for Guevent Insurance Broker Corporation (GIBCO). It is the owner of iMarket, a cost-efficient and serviceable online marketplace for insurance. He is also now currently the Co-Founder of FinTechnology Inc., which owns FundKo, an online peer to peer lending platform that directly bridges verified lenders and borrowers at better rates and an easier experience.



A nationwide business footprint


Guevent Investments Development Corporation (GIDC) is now a holding company founded by Domingo M. Guevara, Sr., Addi’s late grandfather. It is now a business footprint that spans the entire Philippines. It is now in its 56th year as it celebrates its relevancy towards industrial change. Formerly called Guevent Industrial Development Corporation, it now called Guevent Investments Development Corporation. “It is truly a third generation investment company,” Addi said.

“When my grandfather started this, we were manufacturing everything from automobiles to TVs” Addi explains. Guevent was known to be responsible for the import and assembly of the iconic VW Beetle and Sakbayan cars in the Philippines through DMG Inc. Their company is best known to convey cost-efficient vehicles for every Filipino.


A larger scale on improvement


Guevent has now evolved as it aims to connect with the present times. Before it was all about heavy manufacturing but starting the year 1980’s, financing business became big alongside new transporting services. Now, with the prevalence of technology, it caters to what the consumer needs. “We are not a young company, we are used to changing times, and we learn how to adjust—we’re very adaptable,” Addi explains.

Guevent approaches the nation with an awareness on the means of the society. From manufacturing to services to technology, there is a switch of focus on what is in demand. That is why Addi believes that it is his role to look for opportunities and threats aside from looking after the finances and investments of the current family businesses.

Keeping up with the times is a smart plan when it comes to businesses. “Times are changing and we can lose it all if there is no change.” That is why Guevent has decided to include technology. “It is better to disrupt ourselves.” as Addi reflects on their choice. They do not invest in other companies yet but they invest and manage their own companies and start-ups.



Insights to change


Addi has managed to ensure that Guevent flourishes along the changes of time.

He believes that Filipinos deserve to do better projects and start-ups through wider lenses towards new ideas. He sees the Philippines as a country that is full of business opportunities. Today, GIDC is still a Filipino family-owned corporation with adept interests in the diverse business. It is managed by professionals with the same beliefs and motivations of its founder.

If you are interested in GIDC, you can check their website here.