Founder Spotlight: Lloyd Tronco of Medix

The righteous hand of dental practice

By Bea Castaneda

          Medix is an online platform made to become the right hand tool of dental practitioners to improve their clinical operations and service. It is a 24/7, cloud-based, accessible manager that organizes appointments and clinic records with efficiency – a main ingredient to general practice everywhere. Its objective is to simplify through digital.

          By browsing their website, you would see the amount of research and data that the people behind them have put in order to provide great service and facilities. Being a web-based technology made Medix more available and accessible to the society of healthcare practitioners now. The flow of work in spaces that offers clinical practices becomes much more efficient than the traditional paper-based clinics with the use of electronic medical records (EMR).

          The software provides a thorough and highly secured record system for its subscribers including a Patient Profiler with Dental and Medical History and Medical Media, a dashboard that that monitors your activities online, Charting that records every detail of your patient’s dental chart digitally, and the ability to encode and retrieve date even if you are offline.


The Digital Farmer

          Medix is the child of two founders, one of which is Mr. Lloyd Tronco, a seasoned advertising professional whose credentials include being part of multinational ad agencies like McCann-Erickson. The title of digital farmer fits him for he grew up the same time as the computer and he considered himself to be an entrepreneur since he can remember – and he does by the way, a story of a 10 year old kid selling ice candy popped up somewhere along the interview – but he, growing up, oversaw the hauling of and production of sugar cane to sugar from his family’s farm.

          Lloyd’s principles in terms of starting and maintaining a start-up is heavily influenced by his farming roots for he believes that if people do not cultivate it, do not see it as something other than digital then it would fail. People cannot just keep churning out new ideas and new concepts without thinking of how to care for it – to weed out the things that harm it and plan on how the idea would grow.

               “It’s okay to create things, to innovate, to create something new but you can get too far from agriculture ... natural is better.” (NV)


The Right Mixture of Fertilizer

          When asked what he could say to the future entrepreneurs as advice, Lloyd insisted on finding the right mixture of people to build the start-ups with. The right mixture meaning the right selection of people: someone who understands the technical side of the business, someone who can market the product well – for Lloyd assures you that the inability to market your product will cost you your business – and a “good admin guy”. The people behind the scenes must be a good mix of knowledge from various important fields.

          The government also proves to be a very good addition to this mixture if they should offer special services to the start-ups – government banks could offer special loans and better rates, even an easier process as Mr. Tronco suggested.


Cultivation and growth

          With both the skills of Mr. Lloyd Tronco and his co-founder Marc Medina, Medix is seen to be the next big thing in the dentist’s office. Interest is high and with the upcoming millenial graduates of dentistry, the hindrance found in adapting to technology is addressed. Lloyd has expressed their patience with it, “It’s just a matter of time. We’re patient. The dental students who are currently in dental colleges are our hope... and when the time comes for them to start their practice, these young dentists will hardly resort to their 3x5 card. They’ll immediately go digital via Medix.”

          But his plan does not stop there, like a crop continuing to flourish, Medix has their eyes set one practice at a time – to expand and conquer different medical practices starting with ophthalmology. We can safely say that the growth of this harvest is not drying up anytime soon and the tireless hands of both Marc and Lloyd will continue to water this digital empire.


If you are interested in Medix, you can check their website here!