Founder Spotlight: Gian Paulo De La Rama of Innovantage

The Move To Be Paper-Free

By Nina Simon


There is always a need for innovation. And with our changing times becoming more technology-driven, innovation is very much called for as we try to keep up with modern-day demands.

Businesses are focusing their efforts on continuously improving its services for their clients’ growing need of efficiency. Entrepreneurs trying to maximize their businesses’ potential turn to innovative technology for assistance. It helps them reach the level of competence people look for, proving exactly how imperative the use of ingenious technology is to running a venture capable of matching the today’s pace.

Bringing that innovation is Gian Paulo De La Rama, Co-Founder and CEO of InnoVantage.


From vantage point to InnoVantage

Gian Paulo De La Rama started out in his career like most of his peers: from college to the corporate jungle. But he always knew he wanted to build something.

So after being a part of a few companies, he decided to try and pursue his own venture. Along with his colleagues, Gian created Vantage Point. It wasn’t as successful as he had hoped, but he didn’t let it discourage him. He learned continuously over the course of his journey leading up to InnoVantage that it may take a few tries to really get it right.

He set off with his next businesses, T-One Vision and then One View Managed Services Inc. This eventually led him to merge with Freshly Squeezed Creative Solution, which in turn, brought him to Innovation Advantage, now known as InnoVantage.

The many experiences and lessons he had gained from his previous collaborations and connections led the way to his current company. His hard work is finally being fully realized through the effectiveness and success of InnoVantage.


Innovation where it is needed

The mission of InnoVantage is to bring automation and efficiency to its clients. Among the products the company offers are Cogito, Nudge, and Sinop. These were created to make sure that InnoVantage is able to deliver on its promise of ingenuity.

Ideas are thick in the group for start-ups, but it is execution that often requires revolutionary innovation. In the case of InnoVantage, it was going paper-less. Working with the concept of automating as well as customizing the processes otherwise documented on paper, the team created Cogito – a Software as a Service platform that converts paper, e-mails and other processes into online automated workflows.

While Cogito aimed to help companies go paper-less, Sinop aimed to help people automate their bill payments. The vision is to help a person remember to pay their bills efficiently and on time at the tap of a screen or a button. Getting e-bills instead of the mail would also reduce the carbon imprint of not only the company but the individual as well.

Trying to innovate collaboration, InnoVantage came up with Nudge. Nudge is a chatbot that began as a tool to help InnoVantage employees and managers keep track of things that they need to work on. Instead of  having to attend meetings in their office for multiple times a week, they are able to work together and keep tabs on the progress of different projects using Nudge. It had been an effective product in InnoVantage’s workplace that they made it available to others too, hoping that Nudge would be able to do the same for other teams in other companies as it had done for them.


From the worst comes the best of days  

Despite some tough breaks Gian had to face in his career, he never lost his motivation to keep trying.

InnoVantage was the product of his passion and hard work. His desire to help others through finding ways to innovate technology has continuously fueled him in his journey. And indeed, his efforts paid off.

He shared, “Learn from it (experiences and failure). Keep doing it. Do not stop doing what you are doing unless it starts affecting the people around you.” For Gian, being open to let failure become a learning tool is important to make a product, team, or company reach its full potential. InnoVantage is the product of that unwavering endeavor.