Dentsu media: Kazuo Koike’s Exploration towards Utilizing Technology Effectively

By Asha Gutierrez


A Man of Innovative Strategies


Kazuo Koike is the Executive Director of Dentsu media Philippines. He has been working in Dentsu Inc., the largest agency brand in the world, for the past 14 years since his first employment and joined the Philippines office last October. Kazuo plans to make his company unique by having a platform that will differentiate themselves from other networks and agencies. The vision of dmLab in the Philippines is to boost business locally and utilize technologies in the country apart from the goal of utilization across the world. He intends to make consumers more satisfied by helping them create better developments in their own world. It is about their own well-being, he believes.

He specializes in Marketing and Advertising. This is why he matches with Dentsu given that it is in a marketing and advertising industry. It is his company’s vision to accelerate the development of Philippine and regional start-ups and harness new global technology to build new experiences connecting people and brands. He believes that more ties between start-ups and investors along with clients and agencies will help the business in the Philippines as well.


Dentsu provides a wide range of services in eight business domains: Marketing, Digital Marketing, Creative Sphere Promotions, Media, Content, PR, and Global Business. It is affiliated with Innovation Interactive and Dentsu Aegis Network. It has employed 48,000 professionals in over 140 countries.

Dentsu media Philippines identifies the core issues faced by their clients. From here, they provide the optimized, integrated solutions needed to solve the given issues to them. “We are trying to explore and build new experiences to connect our clients’ brands and people. We always try to seek for the best solution for our clients’ products to communicate with the audience, and now we believe utilizing technology is one of the most effective ways in this era,” says Kazuo during an interview. “Our mantra is all about good innovation. For it is our innovation that could help the client’s product be sold to consumers while contributing to a better society.”


Utilizing the Latest kind of Technology


              Dentsu media has already unveiled ‘dmLab’ in the Philippines. Dentsu media Philippines is a media agency brand of Dentsu Aegis Network Philippines. Dentsu media Laboratory ‘dmLab’ is an innovation unit that harnesses the latest technology while creating new digital experiences for the market demands. Its aim is to advocate ideas that reach beyond the norms of technology as it crosses the bounds of possibilities. “We believe in driving innovation that brings positive change to people and society. With our establishment of dmLab in Dentsu media, we aim to bring the future of technology and digital experiences now.” says Jam de Guzman, General Manager of Dentsu media Philippines.


A Feat that reaches out globally


              Dentsu media Network has been entrepreneurial in utilizing technology for many client campaigns in other markets already. After the launching of dmLab in Thailand in October 2015, it has become systematically organized. Due to the said success, they started launching dmLab in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Philippines. DmLab is composed of two primary pillars: (1) Local Incubation, and (2) Gateway to Global Innovation, the latter an initiative led by Dentsu Aegis Network.

              Under Local Incubation, dmLab is working with Filipino & regional start-ups to increase mutual opportunities. The result will be the business launching locally, regionally, and globally. This platform enables partners to gain access to vast resources of knowledge, consultation from business professionals, and the advantage to tap into new revenue streams.


Creating the next trends and reaching ahead


              There numerous technologies that are being launched by dmLab. “Technology is the most suitable thing that we can offer as a solution to the clients when it comes to the consumer experience,” says Kazuo. Another pillar of dmLab is called ‘Gateway to Global Innovation’. The latest technology dmLab recently introduced in the Philippine market is the ‘Emotion Analyzer’, developed by Dentsu Science Jam, a group company specialized in biometrics. It detects emotions based on an analysis of the user’s brainwaves. “We will probably bring in more technology from Dentsu Tokyo, which is our headquarters,” says Kazuo. They are also working on a lot of new experience-type technologies, not only limited to VR and AR.

              Dentsu media is not just about staying ahead of social trends. Instead, they actually create the next wave as they scan the horizon of the future and identify the upcoming social trends. In this way, they become capable of delivering solutions that are in advance of the times. As they continually reach ahead, they work with creativity. They bring ideas to life in order to help their clients achieve success.


The ongoing challenges for more productivity


Dentsu media Philippines is now looking for excellent start-up companies. They are looking for passionate, contributing, and effective start-ups for society. Kazuo believes that is not only about the consumer’s experience, but it is also about the relevancy of the products that will help them communicate with the consumers. “In this world of convergence, it is getting harder and harder to capture and captivate the audience. In previous decades, the consumer’s attitude was passive but now they are not only proactive to the information they need or want but also hunger for experiences through interactive bi-directional communication,” says Kazuo.

 DmLab is now developing in all Dentsu media offices as they maximize their abilities to introduce excellent products of start-up companies and the utilization of campaign ideas as well. “We need to invent a new initiative since the consumer’s experience is the key to capturing the audience right now.” Kazuo states. He emphasizes that digital platforms are the key to capture the clients. 

If you are interested in Dentsu Media, you can check their website here.