Founder Spotlight: David Foote of Zennya

By: Michaela Villaroman



Prioritizing one’s health should always be a no-brainer. However, with the many demands of today’s high-stress society, thinking of personal wellbeing has unfortunately taken a backseat.


Most people simply don’t have the time and money to spend on pampering themselves.


As important as relaxation should be, it often comes with its inconveniences. Prices for services as well as its accessibility are among the problems that usually hinder people from availing it.


It has become a luxury to unwind. This is the unfortunate and unhealthy reality of today. But Zennya hopes to change this.


From passion to success


David Foote is the man behind Zennya.


His entrepreneurial journey was set in motion when he was just a college student. David had always been thinking of ways to maximize his learning potential. He thought the best avenue for that is through teaching himself how to code. Eventually, he discovered that he had a real talent for it and ended up programming a game.


His personal project soon turned into something he thought could be of great value. David knew his game was good enough for the big gaming companies.


“Everyone told me not to. They said, ‘You’re just one guy and you’re in college. What makes you think you can sell a videogame to the top game producers?’” David recalled.


Despite being met with discouragements, David sent his game to the top gaming developers. And it turned out to be a real hit. Bids came flying left and right for the game.


This marked his first taste of entrepreneurial success.


David thought it would be best to start a company with the money he raised. So, he dropped out of school and finished off the year he had left while he started his first company, a startup focused on making video games for the PC market.


His next company was an even bigger success. David ventured into making business intelligence software for enterprises. One opportunity led to another and David soon had a long string of great startups in the span of his 20 years in the field of technology.


In the year 2000, David came to the Philippines for a vacation. The initial intention for his visit was to merely go scuba diving but he ended up starting a business instead.


“Once I came to the Philippines, I saw opportunities,” David shared. He quickly realized that there is plenty of untapped potential in the Philippines and so, he immediately got to work.


Luxury to habit


Zennya is a Spa on Demand service that not only provides clients with an easy access to their many professional therapists, but also offers their services at a reasonable price.


“The idea behind Zennya is we want to ultimately be an overall personal care provider,” David explained, “Our focus for the business is to provide a broad range of services that might span from massage to physical therapy and a whole variety of other things that have to do with life balance.”


Taking its name from the word “zen”, Zennya tries to live up to its promise of health and wellness through providing affordable and excellent services. The company aims to promote health as a habit, not a luxury.


Currently, Zennya has over 120 therapists and counting. David’s plan is to increase the number of therapists as they expand the reach of their services. Soon, people could avail services not only for all their friends but for corporate events as well.



An advice to entrepreneurs


Passion and expertise go hand in hand. For David, this was the recipe to his success. His passion and knowledge for the technology industry had led him to great innovations.


An advice he shared to fellow entrepreneurs hoping to make it big: find something you are enthusiastic to work on and learn to spot the opportunities that could lead you to make an impact.


With his business growing at an excellent pace, David plans to expand even further. We are surely bound to hear more about David and Zennya in the future.



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