Founder Spotlight: Jean De Ramon of Sprout Solutions

The Symbol of Growth and Vitality

by Jean De Ramon


With the continual advancement of technology, there is a need for businesses to augment their practices to be able to keep up with the competition. One of the main problems that many Filipino businesses face is the payroll and human resource (HR) issue that is vital to their growth. Being able to deliver satisfaction to their customers is important, but it is also necessary to always put their employees’ satisfaction first. With the software Sprout Solutions offers, payroll, HR, and even recruitment difficulties would be addressed with ease. As CEO and co-founder Patrick Gentry said during his interview with TechShake, “We want to focus on the unique challenges found in the Philippine market.”

How sprouts turned into numerous opportunities

Patrick first came to the Philippines to help a friend in starting a business process outsourcing (BPO) company, which later became KMC Solutions Inc. He was present during its early phase and is now a shareholder. He then decided to stay for two more months for his vacation, but it soon paved way for the beginning of Sprout Solutions. The company was first coded in 2009 with the BPO industry as its main target market. But for the past few years, it has been providing its services to an extensive list of clients such as Shakey's Pizza, Century Pacific, and the Red Crab group. His wife, Alexandria Gentry, helped in establishing the company by using her experience in creating a company culture where every employee is valued. Having the right company culture breeds employee loyalty.

Why the sprouts continue to grow amidst the challenges

When asked what the biggest challenge that Sprout Solutions has faced is, Patrick says that it would be the not the lack of market understanding but the market itself for business software. He sees the challenges they are facing to be the greatest opportunities. Though they are planning on expanding the company’s services to other developing countries like India, he assures that they will continue to business here since the country has a tremendous need for software. They are also focused on bringing better service to their clients especially on gathering data, where the true value of the business lies. He also adds that data gives the client insights on how their company is doing through analytics.

How sprouts can create an ecosystem as a breeding ground for employees

His dad, who was a family doctor that had his own office, was the one who influenced him to become an entrepreneur. “I inherited his mindset of freedom and being able to dictate what goes on the business,” he shares with TechShake. Patrick thinks that the country is brooding with a lot of opportunities. He is certain that Filipinos just need to be reminded that they can actually do it. Though many are conservative, he believes that we can get out of that thinking by establishing an ecosystem where it will breed entrepreneurs. Being able to be fully dedicated to your work is the reason behind an entrepreneur’s success. It is not about working hard but working smart by focusing and getting the right people in the room to train them in achieving success. Future entrepreneurs must keep in mind that they make their own luck by putting an effort in their businesses.

Before ending the interview, Patrick also advises foreign businessmen who want to build a startup here to “soak in the country first" by connecting with the communities to have a good idea of starting a business. And for those that already have the idea on what business to do, the same advice applies because, for him, it is important to really know the people you are going to work with.


If you are interested in Sprout, you can see their website HERE.