Founder Spotlight: Joseph Dexter Feliciano of MyLegalWhiz

The future of legal innovation

By Bea Castaneda


          To think, innovate, and create are simple words burdened with difficult actions. It is an easy thing to say but it turns complicated when desired to be put into motion – especially if one looks to think, innovate, and create a business that the world needs and approves of. But Thinc Office Corporation has turned these three words into a lifestyle that has produced one such product – MyLegalWhiz – a product that encompasses and is the manifestation of thinking, innovating, and creating. Founder Dexter Feliciano has also embodied these values; seen and heard in TechShake’s interview with him, Dexter believes and abides in the strength of scientific inspiration and providing value to the people.


The Future of the Legal Field

          MyLegalWhiz is Thinc Office’s flagship product; it is a legal intelligence, guidance and research assistance platform offering its aid to people of diverse fields but more importantly, it aims to bring legal knowledge closer to those who need it, lawyers and ordinary citizens alike. Its wonders include a cloud-based – accessible to anyone with a technological device – and organized system which Dexter is so proud of.

          MyLegalWhiz’s trademark is its ability to cut down the work of a lawyer or someone in need of a lawyer through its service, reducing the reading of a 200-page case to only a few pages and the availability of contract drafting services – a one stop shop for memorandum of agreements, franchise, compromise, agreement of confidentiality, etc. One click on its search bar for a specific topic will yield thousands of results in the form of an organized summary with topic discussions and relevant citations. They pride themselves with having almost everything one might need but just in case a client cannot find what he or she is looking for, AskLea is at your service. There will be a team of researchers at your beck and call, happy to answer your inquiries and updates new information to the database almost every day. Lawyers who subscribe can definitely get their money’s worth because they can work anywhere as long as they have a device. It is a unique and valuable service to the market – an intellectual property that is an alternative to books (and if given the chance to develop, an alternative to lawyers).

          Dexter proposes that MyLegalWhiz, with its effort of learning and adding new information to its database for the benefit of its subscribers, is like an artificial intelligent brain that only knows progress, development, and growth. Dubbed as the most promising tech company by Echelon and Samurai Ventures (in Singapore), Dexter’s vision of growth and creating a valuable legacy is epitomized by MyLegalWhiz.


The logical dreamer – Dexter Feliciano


       When asked what started him in this entrepreneurial path, I was astonished at Dexter’s answer for it was truly a balanced combination of both the idealistic and the realistic. His days as a law student made him aware of his desire to be more than just a practicing lawyer but that of creating something that has value and getting value in return. His habit of reading also paved his enlightenment to make a difference in the world – to not only earn but to also inspire others with his success.

          Dexter talks a very philanthropic way of living and existing because of his promotion of a lifestyle that is heavily grounded upon contributing to society, to making things easier for the people around you, for creating things that raise the standard of living in this country. He does not center the foundation of a business in how it earns but what it gives; it would truly be an honor to be mentored or even just to witness such mentality and ideals.

          His vision for himself in the next 10 years echoes his earlier words – to be a person with worth. A great dream of his is to build a school that focuses on S.T.E.A.M (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) and alternative learning like neurolinguistic programming and meditation that will enable his philanthropic views of changing society and culture for the better. He looks at the people and this country and sees development and opportunities of growth. Dexter does not stop at achieving his dream but to personally see to it that his dream includes equipping others with their own goals.


“It starts within” – The convergence of TechShake and Thinc

          Both companies share the vision of equipping the young generation with the drive to pursue a career in the start-up ecosystem through inspiration of their own success stories. When asked about what he thinks to be the step into improving the number of start-ups and how to accelerate their growth Dexter answered: through inspiration and media coverage. To organically set ablaze the community of start-ups, one has to inspire rather than present charts and reports of funding or blueprints of infrastructure. “It starts within,” Dexter informs us. Passion leads to the effort of trying it out and with the help of the media in covering such stories, like what TechShake is doing, people will be interested to try it out.

          Dexter encourages us to think like scientists, even though some of us are not. Observe the world and don’t be limited by the dominant conventions and institutions of this world – like religion (as he suggests). Something as simple as the scientific method will be enough to assist us in the journey of being (technology) entrepreneurs – observe and identify a problem of the world and create a solution to that problem, then you do not have to worry about the business.

          His advice though is to be patient for trial and error, great risks is part of the package. Seek thoroughly and don’t be disheartened for if you believe that your journey will be like MyLegalWhiz’s – who was sought out by big companies such as PLDT and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas even though they are still young – then everything will be fine; especially if you have the support of inspirations such as Dexter and his company.


If you are interested, you can check their website here.