Founder Spotlight: Amos Gunawan of Klikdaily

Promoting efficiency through the recognition of this newly developed app.

By Asha Gutierrez


What is Klikdaily all about?


Klikdaily is a newly regenerated mobile application co-founded by Amos Gunawan. A company that exists in Indonesia, it is a mobile application that serves as a personal home assistant by providing your daily needs of mineral drinking water and cooking LPG gas/propane. By using this app, you can now order online and have these delivered by your doorstep! From within 2 kilometers from your home, the merchant will be receiving the order and then approve it as quickly as possible for a fast delivery.

This application has removed the complication that housekeepers have since they need to go out and order outside whenever they run-out of drinking water or cooking gas. Forty Million people in Indonesia consume this product each day. This is indeed a big market for business. Asides from these two products, they are planning to increase and add new household necessity products over the course of time.

 Klikdaily has a system in which payment and delivery are both possible through the usage of this app. It is easily accessible, just download the application in the App Store (Apple) or Google Play Store (Android). Afterward, you can start to register, make reservations, order, and purchase online within the categories of products available. This app connects the customers to the seller.


The innovation for an easier delivery

Techshake was able to have an interview with Amos Gunawan, the co-founder and CEO of Klikdaily. He has created this app with the sole belief that this will help the Indonesian people with their water gallon and gas canister delivery problems. “Because in Indonesia, there is no pumping gas and there is also no drinkable tap water. ”

Whenever they ran out of these products, Mr. Gunawan noticed that the people would have to drive around and find a merchant that sells the said products. Whenever the merchant ran out of stock, they would have to find another merchant and go to another shop that sells either drinking water or cooking gas. Not only that, the customer himself would have to carry the product themselves. It has become an overlooked problem.

He realized that he can actually fix this problem by creating the Klikdaily app. “We are empowering our local merchandise. People usually use pen and paper for ordering, we want to change that and use technology to grow in business,” he said.

As a businessman, he has been innovating many ideas already through different companies. He is also a Commissioner at PT ALS Energy, a Founder at PT. Keping Perak, and was formerly the head of marketing and technical at PT Astra International Tbk. He graduated in the University of Pelita Harapan (UPH) and earned his Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering.

Whenever you go outside, you need to help other people.” his parents always reminded him when he was young. This has always inspired him to help other people with their problems. He focuses on working with excellence and creating an impact on the world. “We can actually reduce into 20% from the actual price of this product in Indonesia right now.” he said in regards to the troubling increase of the gas price in Indonesia.


Moving forward with prosperity

Klikdaily already has one-hundred and seventy merchants. They were able to acquire that much participants in just 6 months. Right now, they already have available merchants in Jakarta, Bali, Padang, and many other cities in Indonesia. “Using a single click, we can connect to many merchants.” This simple method is an innovation that can help many people in Indonesia.


Amos Gunawan started his career in another company, but after several years there, he realized that gas is a huge business opportunity and that it is needed in Indonesia. He then started building his own gas station company with his 3 other trusted co-founders there. When he started distributing gas in his company, he began to realize that it was such a long and complicated chain of marketing. That was when he started thinking of solving this and came up with the idea of creating Klikdaily. With the support of GnB, the company is provided with funding, networking connections, technical support, and presentation.

               “This is actually a big innovation for they know how big the market is,” he said. With our help, they can grow in business. With the increasing usage of the technology and the internet nowadays, Klikdaily application definitely has an advantage. It is actually Mr. Gunawan’s belief that introducing technology in the Indonesian tradition can be beneficial.

Thus, Klikdaily was invented to help others and make a better change for everybody. It is an efficient online application created so that it can help the Indonesian people with their daily household needs.