Eric Schulze of LifeTrack Medical Systems

Lifesavers on the fast track

By Emmanual Galang

              The common notion about businesses is that profit maximization is the only way to go. It seems as though motive is always profit-driven. The big diamonds in our times however, have come to realize that making the highest possible return is not how you keep your ground. Sometimes making it big means making a difference. In current times, making a social impact is the true measure of entrepreneurial success –– reaching the unreachable and doing the undoable. Lifetrack Medical Systems, as many others before it, has found the formula and it’s clear they are on the right track.

Bridging Resources and Building Capacities

              Currently, there is an ever-increasing demand for good radiological diagnosis that could aid the scarcity of medical professionals or readers who are available and accessible. The status quo holds that there are health professionals with great demand for adequate radiological services in various destinations that would otherwise be unreachable. To battle this predicament, Dr. Eric Schulze, Founder and CEO of Lifetrack Medical Systems, revolutionized a distributive radiology system that is capable of reaching multiple continents. 

              Dr. Schulze’s knowledge and expertise as a radiologist has led him to understand what innovations are needed in the field.  His medical background, paired with his intensive skill in software design, has aided him in re-engineering healthcare.

Dr. Schulze took the role as CEO of 24/7 Radiology prior to setting up Lifetrack Medical Systems. He has always had the goal of helping clients and patients attain quality and convenient radiology services. Founding Lifetrack Medical Systems remains pertinent to that mission as it is a startup that leverages technology and experiential knowledge, It had been derived from his extensive work on teleradiology in the United States.

To make the radiological services more accessible and available where they are most needed helps address one of the growing medical challenges affecting third-world countries today. This kind of market Lifetrack Medical Systems has pursued has allowed it to make a true sustainable impact on society.


              It is an enterprise that aims to expand radiologists’ reach without having to displace them. It provides “a tool for medical efficiency and accuracy” and a platform to build capacity. Dr. Schulze says, “It’s redefining everything a radiology system can do. For the greatest number of people.” With cost-effective radiology services, he adds, hospitals and clinics can drive the price down to enable people around the world to avail of affordable but quality services, however remote they may be.

Enabling Emerging Markets

              To extend the reach of high-quality medicine, Lifetrack Medical Systems has made great efforts of making it as inexpensive as could be by designing it “from the ground up.” Emerging markets, such as Philippines and India, are met with a massive disadvantage. They have inadequate human and technological resources needed to provide the much-needed medical services. The traditional legacy systems used have become a steep expense. There is a high cost of  having to hire workers operate stations and a high cost of having to use films. By shifting to digital radiology, Lifetrack Medical Systems allows hospitals and clinics to decrease maintenance costs by about 80%, making it possible for them to invest in improving other facets of patient care instead.

            With the software and all its accessories, reports from readers in Asia have shown great improvement and eventually reached US academic level standards. It has provided them with a software that upgrades their workflow and establishes an educational platform that remedies the problem in efficiency, flexibility, and accuracy, which emergency treatments require.


              Lifetrack Medical Systems is compatible with multiple operating systems, allowing numerous sites to remain in-sync across any given enterprise. With its secure and multi-language supported user interface fully-adaptable for any workflow, it sticks true to its SEPI (Simple, Elegant, Powerful, and Intuitive) principle.

All things considered, employing the software simplifies workflow management and allows for efficient and accurate radiological diagnoses. Lifetrack Medical Systems promises: “The access and connectivity means patients, through their clinics or hospitals, can access radiologists 24/7 and tap into overseas expertise.”


            Inclusive businesses are not common pursuits for the profit-maximizing individual. Most view them as not really “doing business.” But Lifetrack Medical Systems proves that it is possible to hit two birds with one stone. The startup continues to show that any business with a cause is not all costs and compromise. These businesses succeed. More than making profits, they make a difference. No doubt remains: they are businesses worth emulating.