Founder Spotlight: Joey Gurango of Gurango Software

Meeting All of Your Business Software Needs

By Andeng Dizon


Creating solutions is one of the responsibilities of an entrepreneur, whether he is aware of it or not. The purpose of starting a business is not just about gaining profit and returns, but also creating opportunities and pioneering innovation for the economy. Since it has been established that the Philippine start-up ecosystem, though still young, has a high potential for the next few years, a lot of entrepreneurs have taken the task to spearhead the duty of contributing to the existing platforms for nation-building.


The Philippines is the home of tech geniuses. The information technology sector is one of the thriving economic industries, and it is also the home of several tech start-ups of the country. Every Filipino start-up is connected with one another, since each has been helping each other in gaining funding, accessing a wider network of investors and consumers, and building a platform that is accessible throughout the country. But there are several setbacks when it comes to running a tech start-up. Chances are, there are certain dilemmas that could only be resolved by a company that caters to such incident.


In the sea of tech start-ups, companies like Gurango Software are here to provide business solutions by providing seamless services and exceptional products that are certain to perform well without any complications.


Meeting your business software needs


Founded last 2003, Gurango Software, named after its founder Joey Gurango, is an award-winning multinational software company committed to creating effective and affordable long-term business solutions built on the latest Microsoft technologies, marketing software products similar to Microsoft Office applications, and delivering service to a wide range of clients. Furthermore, it also provides several services such as technical support, training, consulting, and staff augmentation. In addition, it supplies its clients with a cloud-based IT infrastructure, therefore eliminating common IT difficulties stressing several businesses both here and abroad.


Having a good team that performs well contributes to success, and in Gurango Software, everyone participates in brainstorming solutions. The talented team behind the company is committed to finding and developing solutions for your needs.


Attracting the best employees


The success of a start-up lies in teamwork. The founder, co-founders, and employees must work hand-in-hand to formulate ideas, deliver good results, and perform excellently. As an entrepreneur, how could you attract the best employees? Always remember that they are the backbone of your company. Without them, your start-up would fall apart before it would have the chance to make a name for itself. Choose the wrong ones, and then your business would collapse.


The first point to take into consideration is to create a brand that would attract the best talents. A start-up that knows its brand and embodies it would find itself in the spotlight. Employees are attracted to companies with a strong image, like Gurango Software for example. That is the reason why it has a great performance rate. Keep in mind, if you cannot sell your start-up’s idea and vision to potential co-founders and employees, you cannot attract investors and customers.


The second point to remember is a company should create a fun and enjoyable workplace, which generates a welcoming atmosphere and culture for its employees. Looking after the well-being of your employees ensures their outstanding performance. For example, Gurango Software hosts an MMORPG tournament for its employees once a month. This serves as a chance for them to unwind and relax while engaging in a competitive atmosphere. Events like these promote a good camaraderie between employees, strengthening not just the image of the company, but also the relationship between the team.


The man behind Gurango Software


Many admire Joey Gurango’s success in the Philippine start-up industry. After all, he founded a leading software company and co-founded several start-ups as well. But before his breakthrough in the local start-up scene, he was just like any regular employee. In 1982, he landed his first job at Apple where he worked a product support engineer. After his four-year stint in the company, he left and worked at Microsoft as a programmer. His time in Apple and Microsoft served as an important milestone because it paved way for him to found his own businesses.


Joey also considers himself as a certified nerd and tech geek. His knowledge and expertise in the field of software development enabled him to earn prestigious awards, such as being part of the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship’s Ten Most Inspiring Technopreneurs and Microsoft’s Hall of Fame for Most Valuable Professionals. Besides being a full-time entrepreneur, he also mentors several start-up founders that are willing to learn and hone their craft. His reason for mentoring is simple. He wants to help individuals maximize their potential by honing their talents and ideas.


Joey Gurango’s advocacy is for the local information technology sector to become a major contributor to nation-building. A mindset such as this is what the Philippine start-up scene needs, and if every entrepreneur possesses such thinking, the future of his start-up and the economy is indeed bright and secured.