Founder Spotlight: Rithy Thul of SmallWorld

Developing the future of Cambodia

By Michaela Villaroman



Cambodia has gone a long way to build its economy into the emerging powerhouse it is known as today. The country currently has one of the fastest growing economies in Asia and is projected to prosper more through the years.


With a promising future in store, the stage has been set for Cambodia’s budding startups to take off. It may just be in the beginning stages of development, but its potential to boom is undeniable.


Cambodia’s tech industry is made up of innovative entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas. Rithy Thul recognizes the importance of helping these people achieve their full potential, so he set out on a mission to give up-and-coming entrepreneurs a better shot at making their startups work. Rithy created SmallWorld, an incubator providing a collaborative space for the Cambodian startup community.



Cambodia’s trailblazer


Rithy is a passionate visionary. He makes it a point to use his line of work as a vehicle for his advocacies to be realized. Often putting focus on shaping a better Cambodia, he ensures to set up businesses that catered to his home country’s needs.


In 2010, Rithy founded Toursanak Adventure, a tourism company designed to bring adventure and education to the Cambodian people. Toursanak was established primarily because of Rithy’s desire to promote Cambodian culture. His inherent love for his nation proves to be a recurring theme in his business ventures.


He was also among the pioneers of KhmerTalks. Basically the TEDx Program of Cambodia, it was created to provide a vast resource of knowledge to Cambodians through informative and inspirational video lectures and discussions in the Khmer language.


Rithy dabbled more into developing the tech industry of Cambodia when he helped establish SmallWorld in 2011. It was through this that he was able to get better involvement with numerous startups. As a promoter of these businesses, his strong desire to support up-and-coming local startups and entrepreneurs has been fulfilled. 


It’s always a dream to work on something one is passionate about. Rithy understands that the impact of his work is life-changing, so he makes sure to keep his enthusiasm burning. And indeed it continuously has.



What is SmallWorld?


SmallWorld provides a great avenue for the startup community. Its coworking spaces and training centers serves as a productive platform for developing businesses; it is a hub of innovation and collaboration.


Aside from the office space it offers, SmallWorld is also responsible for finding opportunities to fund and support promising startups. So far, it already has quite a number of successful ventures on its belt such as Codingate, BookMeBus, ArchubPNH, ChendlaMedia, ArrowDot, and more.


For Rithy, SmallWorld is among the significant catalysts for Cambodia’s economic growth. To help the community, he ensures that all the tools and knowledge emerging entrepreneurs would need are at their disposal. He makes sure that through SmallWorld, opportunities for success is right there for the taking.